No! Of Course Not!

Up and down my timeline I am reading posts with reminders that we have entered the ninth month of the year, and in the spiritual realm, there is representation and inclination that it is now time to give birth! Whatever you have carried, nurtured, incubated or held throughout the entirety of the year there is clear evidence that the time is now. Yet nobody is providing instruction on the difficulty of of the push! As much as your timeline too may be providing what appears to be compelling evidence, are you perhaps still asking yourself a Galatians 3:4 inquiry? “Have you experienced so much for nothing? Surely it was not in vain, was it?” When I consider everything, I mean the volume of issues, challenges and pursuits that I’ve encountered in 2018, I can’t help but to wonder if it was in vain. Is it possible that the pregnancy was never meant to be carried to delivery? Is it conceivable to consider that the birth may be further obstructed? Should I refuse to as the ancestors would say, “go another further?”

But wouldn’t that make the enemy out to be a truth teller? He anchored an attack before the clock struck midnight at the close of 2017. It was never his intent for us to make it to this point. But God. And to be sure, at the beginning of September the enemy returned to his original blueprint and will to his ability do everything he can to ensure that God’s promise does not come to pass. Thank God he was taken care of at Calvary. Even though this last push may require every fiber of your being, God’s purpose will manifest and as my grandmother would say (I’m told), time is not long as it has been. If you’re like me (I pray not), you might even begin to engage in an unnecessary game of “why” with God; questioning why did He allow circumstances to align as they did all to bring you to a place whereby you will experience victory? Couldn’t He just have skipped all the drama and get right to the finale? Would it have been better to not go through? In the words of the Clark Sisters, “No! Of course not!” For every situation, for every turn, for every closed door, for every tear, for every hurt, for every pain and for every push – will reveal that God is sovereign, that God indeed loves us, that our faith can stand the test, that the anointing is tangibly real and that we are who God says we are! Nothing, absolutely nothing we do for God will not work in our favor. It may not resemble what you envisioned, but it will appear as God ordains, and that is always immeasurably better than we can ask or think (Consider Ephesians 3:20). And although it gets rough out here, we are His chosen and we have access to Him when we are at our wit’s end.

When I was in labor I experienced a great deal of back pain. The nurse told me to get on my knees as a method to relieve the discomfort. In this ninth month, and I would suggest daily, that we assume the same advice. To make it during your labor and to birth what God has promised, position yourself on your knees and pray your way through! Although the enemy of our soul would have us to believe that God has forsaken and forgotten us, we must hold true to the fact that, “No! Of course not!” Nothing we have endured will be in vain. Nothing.


  1. Verna P. Best -  September 3, 2018 - 10:09 am 250

    …cause up the road is eternal gain!!! Amen.
    Thank you for being a spokesperson for the King and reminding us that both He and His plan for are Divine!

    • Stephanie -  September 3, 2018 - 10:14 am 251

      Sang it!!!!!! To God be the Glory! Up the road! We will get there. And it shall be divine.


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