Mock the Bird

For the past four years, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting guests. Their arrival is not scheduled in advance.  In fact, they just show up.   This year however, I assumed that our guests would not be making their trip.  They usually visit during the spring , and it was June.  The typical loose branches on our front porch were not evident.  I stopped looking for the feathered couple.  I was always told that birds will not build their nests in spaces that are not peaceful.  With the attack I was under, I didn’t blame them for finding another home to bring forth life.  To my surprise, I began to see activity near a tree on the side of the house.  Could it be? Yes, our visitors were back, but this time, they were ready to teach us a few things, if we were willing to listen.

Normally, the birds make their nest on the porch, as a matter of fact, behind the porch light.  That is where I kept looking for them to reappear.  However, they made their home in a tree on the side of the porch.  Lesson number one: Don’t always do what is expected.  Change it up.  Matthew 6:3 reads, “Don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.”  I looked for their arrival in the spring, but they arrived late spring/early summer.  Also, they changed their location.  Our daughter uses the front door as opposed to the garage.  Its likely that her activity may have been a disturbance and potentially unsafe.  Lesson number two: Don’t be afraid to find newness in familiar places.  Psalm 32:7 reads, “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

Once I discovered the new abode, I noticed how one of the birds was always on duty, always on guard, always on point.  Lesson number three: When we find our hiding place in God, it remains critically important to remain watchful.  Luke 21:36 affirms to be always on watch.  In God we find rest, but he desires that we remain wise as serpents and harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16).  The birds came to our home for a purpose, to bring forth life.  As such, we too must be about our father’s business.  Lesson number four: Complete your assignment.  Psalm 138:8 reminds us that the Lord will fulfill his purpose in us.  Each of us have one.  If we are unsure, we can seek the Lord and ask for revelation.

Finally, and this is most important.  The featured image in this blog is an actual photo of one of the birds who was nesting in our tree.  On last Wednesday, I came home and went over to the tree as I did daily, to check on our houseguests.  I spoke and looked in.  The babies already hatched a week or so earlier.  I didn’t see the babies but I did see one of the birds sitting on watch duty as she always did.  I went inside to change my clothes for going to dance rehearsal.  Shortly thereafter, when I got into my car, closed the door and placed my key in the ignition, I noticed the bird perched on my windshield wiper.  She chirped repeatedly, as though she was having a conversation with me.  I listened and looked closely as her.  After about a minute, she jumped on the hood of my car, chirped something else and then flew away.  That was the last time I saw her.  Lesson number five: Always demonstrate gratitude; and not only to God, but to each other as well.  I Thessalonians 5:18 admonishes, “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”  I like to think that she was thanking me for the hospitality.  I would however like to return the sentiment.

I am thankful for her lessons.  Her presence reminded me that I am placed here in the earth to give birth to new ideas, concepts and to speak life in dead places.  I am to seek shelter where there is safety, and for me that is always in the bosom of God.  I am to be alert to that which may be threatening, all the while being reminded that my battles are not mine, but instead those of the host – the Lord of Hosts to be exact.  Daily, I am to remain grateful for every grand act and every small particle.  Yes, I’m thankful.  I choose to mock the bird.

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