Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…

It’s been said, “Let sleeping dogs lie,” but apparently, the enemy didn’t get the memo! The saying hails from the perspective that if trouble does not exist, don’t do anything to stir it up or give it attention and energy.  While that philosophy may work for ordinary situations, it does not apply for our engagement and subsequently entanglement with the enemy of our souls.  In his pursuit of “walking to and fro seeking whom to devour,” he will wake up, shake up, and mess up anything he possibly can.  He is relentless and he seeks to get us when we are perhaps most vulnerable; when we indeed might even in the spiritual, be “sleeping.”  Thank God for Psalm 121:4 in that we learn, “Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”  Good thing or otherwise, we might find ourselves in a never ending nightmare.

It’s been said that the enemy has no need to disturb those who are already on his team.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have been granted several invitations to wear a customized jersey.  In fact, most recently, I actually auditioned in a training camp experience.  It started as an ordinary day, thanking God for new grace and mercies, leaving the house with no incident, experiencing my morning worship by car, and a productive day at work.  The day as I shared seemed normal, until it went all the way left.  Before I knew it, my former self, the one that I often joke about its existence, but consider myself “delivered” showed up and showed out! Instead of enabling the “sleeping dog to lie,” I woke up a terrible beast, acting completely out of character.  It was all too familiar, a piece of self that I thought was buried.  To my dismay, she was alive and rhet-ta-go! The only difference was that I no longer prided myself in the 79th street, south side persona that once defined me.  As a worship leader, inspirational Christian writer, wife, mother and daughter of Altoria, I felt remorse, shame and deep sadness, for taking the enemy up on his offer.  Although he may have made a bit of noise to awaken the “old me,” I was fully cooperative, and dare I even say, ready.

You see, when you remain familiar with your habitation, it’s very easy to return.  For example, consider our dog, Diamond who happens to be celebrating her 11th birthday today! She has a thing about people coming to visit.  If I give directions over the phone to our home, she begins barking and looking out the window, pacing back and forth.  When someone rings the doorbell, she responds with the loudest bark imaginable.  Even if someone happens to get in our home without ringing the bell, and she hears a voice, she goes in, growling, barking, and making it known, that “their” presence is not welcomed.  Consider even a step further; when Diamond is “sleeping” and wakes up to a doorbell or a strange voice, she immediately begins barking, resuming what would be her normal level of activity if she were awake.  It would be beneficial to follow Diamond’s lead.  She makes no place for anyone who is not a member of the household, whether asleep or awake, and neither should we.  We must be aggressive in our intentions not to play with the enemy, but instead bark him away with the Word, and worship him out of our heads, our homes, our hearts.  Our vulnerability must be limited to God and God alone.  We cannot afford weakness in the face of the one who desires to kill, steal and destroy us.  We must strive with each passing moment to not be the dog in the fight that the enemy holds the reigns to.

I have authority in God such that I don’t need to stoop to the enemy’s tricks and tactics.  In the words of “Lord, You Are Holy,” the enemy is not, “Wonderful, Glorious, Holy, Righteous, Victorious, Conqueror, Triumphant and Mighty; Healer, Deliverer, Shield and Defense, Strong Tower and My Best Friend, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Soon Coming King, Alpha, Omega, Lord of Everything, Holy!” But my God is! When I allow my actions to be governed by those attributes ringing in my ear, I have little space to risk God’s adoption of me and play around with the fake dog whisperer! There is something powerful about having peace to sleep.  When we choose to follow God and his commands, and not our own, we will find rest (Jeremiah  31:25).  Sleep well, and join me in wishing Diamond a happy birthday! 🙂

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