Lessons That Sock You!

An early memory of writing I have dates back to the third grade. On Friday afternoon, we had opportunity to select an item outside of the imagination box and to use that said item to write a creative story. Once I pulled out a sock and developed a narrative by which the sock went on an extraordinary adventure. Here a few years (or decades) later, I still experience journeys with socks, but now in my bed. At night, my feet are often cold. And, if you’re like me, if my feet are cold, sleep takes a long time to come. Yet, I do not want to get out of bed to secure a pair. I debate over and over, tossing in the bed until I finally succumb to the beckoning and get a pair of socks. It seems that immediately after placing them on my feet, I fall asleep. The morning after, the adventure of finding the socks that I’d taken off during the night unbeknownst to me, likely resembles the story I wrote in the third grade. Further, although I recall putting the socks on, I cannot for the life of me recall taking them off, and sometimes, neatly tucked underneath my pillow. Isn’t it just like God to do the same? Might you consider a painful or rather difficult situation that you find yourself in? In those times, I’ve felt like Paul, and asked of the Lord to remove the thorn. God’s response to him is the same as it is to us, “His grace is sufficient” (II Corinthians 12:9).

When I awake and find my socks bundled, and underneath my pillow, I try as hard as I can to recall when I performed that act. I cannot. I just know that at some point, my feet became warm enough that I reached deep into my bed and pulled off that which I longed to place on my feet earlier. So then, in this season, I must believe that as the heat has turned up in seemingly every facet of my being, that when God sees that it is enough, He will bring closure. The Word of the Lord declares in Job 23:10, “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” As much as I and perhaps you would like, we cannot determine the preciseness of the attainment of gold. Left to our own demise, we would result in rocking gold plated, which is in fact imitation of the gold. It costs less, which means the rate of return will not be as valuable. When we elect to quit our trial, we cease the work and hand of God in our lives. We are granted free will, so being a testimony dropout is possible, but not probable. When we refuse to endure the process, we might experience a quicker departure, but we can expect tarnish to arrive soon.

It costs to be a follower of Christ, but we must believe that it is worth it! Let us recall, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28). I choose to hold fast to the belief that God has more adventures ahead. We can rest assured that whatever we experience, we will be taken care of. He has us safe, just like my socks.

*Note: At time of publishing this blog, my photo of my socks under my pillow would not upload. Nevertheless, the lesson of the socks continues to unfold. Repeat to self: We are not forgotten. We are safe, just like our socks.

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