It’s The Holiday! Who’s Your +1?

Plusone_forwebI need to open with a disclaimer.  It’s the day before America honors its freedom, and I suppose as such, I’m in liberation mode.  Perhaps more significantly in my life is my freedom through Christ’s death, burial and resurrection at Calvary.  I’m feeling quite liberated this morning and earnestly hope and pray the same for others.  I love relationship with people God has placed on this earth! Yet no matter how much I love you and enjoy the love you share with me, it is not kept in the same vein as the love I have for Christ, and the love he has for me.  I consider him to be my plus one.

Christ is who I want to go everywhere with me.  So much so, its okay if I hear someone whisper, “Here comes Stephanie and him….again!” When you invite me somewhere, I’ll only consider attending if there is room enough for him.  He is my ride or die in the contemporary sense, and he has never failed me yet.  We dance together, laugh together (mostly at me), we enjoy each other’s company, he allows me to learn from him, and every encounter is unimaginably more powerful than the one before.  When I’m hurt, saddened, exhausted and seemingly unclear as to the direction I should or must take, its his hand that lovingly guides me.  When I’m in a fight for my life, he is right there in the ring with me, leading me into victory through him.

I love my husband, my children, my mother, my brother, aunts, cousins and friends who have become family.  However, not one of them can take the place of my plus one.  Neither can I take the place of their plus one! Coming to that realization has impacted some relationships, and projected some perceptions that I would prefer not to navigate.  Nevertheless, in the end, its a decision I do not apologize for.  John 8:36 affirms that if the Son sets us free, we are free indeed.  This doesn’t exempt us from trials and tribulations.  Yet, we are not bond to those difficulties.  Our plus one subtracted that from our lives at the cross.

Although God is sovereign, in true fashion to a plus one, he will only show up by invitation.  Why not invite him into your life today? He is so much more effective in the party than behind the velvet rope of your life.  He moves mountains, he gives life, he provides new grace and mercy daily, and he loves unconditionally.  Tired of going alone? Need a new level of independence? He can be your plus one as well.  Just ask him.

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