It’s Okay To Ask For Help!

A couple of days ago I was in PetSmart standing in line to purchase some dog food. Perhaps it was the largest bag I’d purchased in a while. I also had my cell phone, documents for my dog in my hand, and I had our beloved Diamond on a leash and she was beyond ready to go. The gentleman on the register was young, very tall and seemingly patient. After I paid for my purchase, I requested a bag to put the dog food in. He responded, “I can do that, but it might break.” I told him, “That’s okay, I just need the bag to place my phone in and then I’ll carry it differently.” Truth be told, I was struggling and I’d determined in my mind that at minimum, I would be able to navigate if I could place all my belongings in one bag because I only had two hands, one of which was focused on holding Diamond. After the young man placed the dog food in the bag, he saw me attempt to place my belongings inside. He held the bag open and said, “It’s okay to ask for help.” Let’s just say I nearly cried in that line. I was overwhelmed by his wisdom. I was grateful for his assistance Critically speaking, I exhaled that he saw me, I mean really saw me, and finally, that he took advantage of the opportunity to offer what I needed most…help!

I’m not too proud to ask for help. I just don’t live a life where I look for or expect it to show up. I’m a helper, I serve and I am accustomed to being on the end to offer assistance to others, and when that is not happening, I am going about the business of finding my way with the help of the Creator. Psalm 63:7 declares, “Because You have been my help, therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.” Almost a year ago, when God allowed me to write, “Worshipper in the Workplace,” He told me that everything that happened post release would be a result of Him helping me, and not anyone else. Each time I attempted to counter that prophetic declaration, I came up short. Each time, I’m certain He laughed as I found myself perplexed until He reminded me yet again that He is my helper! Nonetheless, we can get so busy that we neglect to even tap into the reservoir we have available. God has a big job and yet it’s totally inappropriate for me to choose not to ask for help based upon a litany of reasons as to why I believe in my itty bitty wisdom that He is unable to assist or too overwhelmed with the cares of the world to care about me.

What struck me most about Psalm 63:7 is that David acknowledged God as being his help. The challenge for me is to concurrently ask God for what I need for the present and future. The help was sealed at Calvary. There is no need to remain awkward about accessing what is ours. Hebrews 4:15 reads, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet He did not sin. There is nothing that exists that is not within the reach of God. In the PetSmart of all places, I was reminded that indeed I can ask for help, and it’s okay. #NoteToSelf

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