It Was Finished At Calvary! Do Not Resuscitate! Repeat to Self! DNR!

Long title, but I wanted you to hear it like the Holy Spirit is shouting in my ear! Do Not Resuscitate! DNR! I repeat, DNR! Why? You might ask? Because whatever you may have shouted about last Sunday as representation of what was buried in the tomb, may have resurfaced. Because as believers, we often acknowledge, dare even participate in things other than Jesus being resurrected. We can only operate through the power of Jesus and we need said power to overcome that which the enemy attempts to remind us isn’t really dead, or rather not really significant enough to be concerned by our Heavenly Father. Lies he tells. God is concerned with every area, every detail of our lives – and yes, even that which should remain buried, like doubt, fear, depression, pain, brokenness and apprehension. While Jesus went to the cross for each of these overarching themes and the more, we must be careful to bring “it” to the cross as often as we need, and to leave it there, not using our energy to bring back what the death of Jesus paid in exchange.

I’ve been fascinated with medical shows all my life. There was General Hospital, Marcus Welby, MD, Trapper John, MD., Chicago Hope, St. Elsewhere, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Grey’s Anatomy, which I watch royally each Thursday evening. Inevitably, in each who I’ve mentioned, and the ones who did not make my list, there is a wrestling of some sort with a patient who signed a DNR order, and the complexity of the family member who either doesn’t agree or even a physician. In “real life” a patient must discuss their wishes regarding a DNR with a physician, and the physician writes it out, signs it and it is placed in your medical chart/history. If you are transferred to another facility or under another physician’s care, it travels with you. It is the patient’s responsibility to share their wishes with their family and friends and that other documents align with the wishes so that in the event that the patient is unable to verbalize her/his wishes, the DNR will serve as the voice.

What I didn’t know for a long time was that the DNR must be written and signed by the physician. This is established so that the patient (or potential patient) can give serious consideration to their desires should techniques to save their life be made available. At Calvary, Jesus was thinking of us, and every person, place and thing we would encounter that would potentially be hazardous to our health and well being. As such, Jesus’ death on the cross was in essence a DNR over everything that would attempt to hold us hostage and affirm that His grace, His mercy, and His love would not be applied to us. So therefore, when we attempt to handle things on our own, or take refuge in the lies of the enemy as opposed to the keeper of our soul, we are walking in unchartered and illegal territory. It’s as almost if that suspicious music is playing, and we are breaking into the secured office in any of the hospitals mentioned in the favorites, dressed in all black with gloves and a hat to change the official medical records from DNR and instead, to whatever we deem most appropriate in the moment. We do not have the right to resuscitate our hurt because Jesus signed a DNR at Calvary! Am I suggesting “it” whatever “it” is won’t attempt to resurrect? Not at all! But we must gird ourselves with the Word of God and what He says for every issue that refuses to remain buried. Instead of all the alternative practices to address that which Jesus died specifically for us, might we instead in these contemporary times, try that which has healed traditionally? That being the Blood of Jesus! You know, the Blood we just shouted about last week? If we are to resurrect or resuscitate anything, let is be the Blood! That is the tangible reminder in the earth that God had us and everything we’ve carried, are carrying and will carry on His mind, when He sent the Son of Man to die for our sin at Calvary. As the song goes, “What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.”

When we are in our resuscitating moments, when we are feeling sorrowful for what we are experiencing, and when all the Easter outfits, candy and productions from last Sunday have passed, we needn’t wait for the Holy Spirit to arrive as in the day of Pentecost. We have access in this very moment, to call upon the presence of God, the love of God, the power of the Blood over us! Jesus signed the DNR at Calvary. As the song continues, “This is all my hope and peace. Nothing but the Blood of Jesus! This is all my righteousness. Nothing but the Blood of Jesus!” We can’t change it! He loved us so that he signed a DNR over us through the shedding of His Blood, that we may get up from everything that has grounded us, but not resuscitate it with our resurrection. Lest we forget!

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