Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?


During the 80s, in addition to big hair, asymmetrical clothing and rap, there was a fabulous advertising campaign put out by Memorex.  Sidebar: Cassette tapes came after 8 tracks and before compact discs (for my more contemporary readers…lol).  Okay, we’re back to the future.  The campaign asked the question: Is it live or is it Memorex? The assumption was their product was so good you couldn’t tell the difference between a recorded session using Memeorex tapes or a live session.  The campaign also extended to VHS tapes.  (Again, for my my contemporary readers, VHS tapes predate cds, dvds and blue ray).  The campaign was pretty powerful and drove home the message in a most compelling fashion.  For example, while watching television, a person would appear and say, “Look at me.  Do you like what you see? Well, good, because its not me.  Its a recording of me.”  As the camera panned out, the viewer would see the woman who was speaking sitting next to a television playing a recording of herself.  This savvy trick would occur a second time before the commercial ended.  The takeaway message was that Memorex’s product was so good, that one would find it difficult to tell the difference between an actual recording, (be it VHS or cassette tape) and an actual live presentation of the experience.  While some may agree that certain elements of the 80s should not be resurrected, I would suggest that there is one portion that has been appropriated resulting as a cornerstone of our very existence.  I’m hoping that we can be bold enough to leave it somewhere and cease from every touching it again like a can of gel…

As a believer of Christ, does the world have the pleasure of interacting with us or our representation? In other words, is your life live or it is Memorex? In an effort to win souls for Christ, have we presented an unattainable presentation of what giving our lives to Christ really is? Have we became such experts at masking our pain, disappointment, trials and struggles, that we make a life under the rule of Christ, seem impossible to others? I’m not suggesting that we become “woe is me” believers, but how much encouragement might we truly provide if we elect to be transparent and share our narrative and not just those selectively crafted portions that make us look good, and assume the credit that should be appropriated to God?

As the saying goes, “people do not have a heaven nor hell to send you to.” Their opinions cannot stop the greatness and the purpose God has intended for your life.  This life comes with great joy and equally great sorrow.  Often, God places people strategically along the continuum of our journey for us to pour into, encourage and uplift.  When we do not have the boldness to share the totality of our experience, we are actually playing a role in their demise.  We further cannot minimize the struggle of any person.  God sanctions that which every person individually is equipped to endure.  Yet, the enormity of the trial does not allow for us to see or feel our potential for victory amidst the struggle.  That is where and when the narrative of the overcomer becomes so critical.  Luke 22:32 reminds us: “But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”  When we have overcome a situation, a fear, a test, a trial we are not to bury it and act as though it never existed; nor are we to continue to carry the hardness around like a badge of honor.  We are instead offered the opportunity to share our survival plan, our regiment of escape and the blueprints to our victory.

This practice must be regulated in the house of the Lord as well.  Its time out for regulated praise and worship.  God has blessed us with technology to meet the masses, but presenting a “lights, camera, action” service does not bring about the deep deliverance that is needed to operate in our daily lives and escape the terror by night and arrows by day.  We need to feel the touch of the Lord, we need to experience the presence of the Lord.  He is sovereign and won’t invade a space, a place whereby surface Christianity is the norm.  If each of us bring our recorded representation to the sanctuary, we will experience a recorded blessing – but if each of us dare to bring our live and lived representation to the sanctuary, we will experience a record blessing! Imagine if you will taking all that we receive, mash it up with our gifts, sweeten it with our purpose and go into the world and season it as instructed.  Matthew 5:13 affirms that we are the salt of the earth.  But if we loose our savor, we will fail to fulfill God’s intent for us making a mark on humanity, thus winning souls for his Kingdom.

Are you living or are you walking through a scripted experience? When the director yells “cut” what does your life really say? Have you so orchestrated God’s plan for your life in  a way that even he does not recognize what is to be next? Living a recorded life results in unraveling, just like the cassette tape.  Brothers and Sisters, how long might we continue to live a “Memorex” life? Make it live, and live on purpose!

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Is It Live or Is It Memorex?






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