Inconvenient Blessings!

Inconvenient blessings? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Doesn’t mix well together.  After all, blessings are considered to be good, something to appreciate, perhaps even something unexpected; while inconvenient typically aligns with something that is ill-timed, awkward, difficult and inappropriate.  As I continue in my personal quest of practicing gratitude daily, I realized my constant stumbling over the intersection of inconvenience and blessing.

I don’t have one of those narratives that support the exact night and location of when I accepted salvation and as it’s said, “Got saved.”  It wasn’t a tent revival on the last Friday night of the month with a full moon in the distance.  I semi recall getting baptized as a child, but I’ve been going steady in an exclusive relationship with God for over 40 years.  As I matured and came in to the knowledge of who God truly was and is, I learned that even though I may not recall the precise moment that I asked Jesus into my heart, the enemy knew…and knows.  From that day forward he set a plan in motion to make an attempt to block every blessing God established in the earth for me, and for those connected to me.  In fact, the Word of God tells us that we will have trouble in the world, but not to worry, because the Lord has overcome it on our behalf (John 16:33).  There are other scriptures that support this sentiment, yet with my saved self, I don’t always immediately recall them when I am under duress.  Yet, as I become more intwined with the accoutrements of grace, I am learning to be grateful for what I now term inconvenient blessings.

About two weeks ago, our daughter walked to the parking deck to get in her car and travel to campus for class.  Her car wouldn’t say a mumbling word.  It ended up being a dead battery.  She was able to get to campus by the university shuttle albeit, with all her “stuff” and the inability to run some other errands she’d planned.  Yet the beauty was that, her vehicle did not stop on the side of the road, or at night, or at her job, which is about 45 minutes away.  She was inconvenienced, yet blessed because she was safe.  The car demon made its way down I-95 and get me about a week later.  I got in my car to travel for a 5:15am workout (there’s a whole lot of demon in that too), and my car didn’t say a mumbling word either.  While disappointed from getting up at a prayer hour to exercise, I too, experienced car trouble at the comfort of my home; inconvenienced yet blessed.  On my job, we experienced a failed search and didn’t get a candidate to fill a position that has been open for more than three months.  The workload was becoming a bit overwhelming.  Yet now we find ourselves hiring someone who undoubtedly was sent by God.  Yes, we were inconvenienced, but the blessing of a new colleague will far outweigh the discomfort experienced.

God does not make mistakes! He is incapable of doing so.  When I am stuck at railroad tracks, when I’ve missed my turn because my GPS is rerouting, when I’ve lost a document on my laptop, when I’ve stood in line only to find that the cashier announces that he’s closing, when someone has walked out of my life, I have the option to look at “it” differently.  I do not have to accept the enemy’s lie of trying to convince me that my steady for the last 40 years (or if you’ve known him for less than 90 days) has become slack on his promises.  One never knows what God is “keeping” you from in order to “bring” you to.  He remains on the throne and remains concerned about us.  His methodology of blessing may mask itself as disruption, but it doesn’t mean that we are forgotten.  We must “break up the fallow ground” of any thought that sets us up to believe that God is not for us! He wants to do a new thing! He is still in the blessing business, inconvenient and all.

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