In the Middle

Tis June! Yeah! I love the month of June.  Its my birthday month.  There are weddings and beautiful June brides.  Traditional calendar school children are released from school for the summer; there are graduations and the weather typically has not fully embraced a summer persona reflecting hotness.  Its also the middle, and a time whereby you may be evaluating your first half of the year to determine the extent to which you accomplished said resolutions or goals or whether you have the strength and tenacity to make it until December 31st.  Either way, in the words of En Vogue, “Hold On!” Just because you believe your destiny hasn’t quite taken form in the manner that you desire doesn’t mean its time to take your ball and go home.  God has never been a God of the undone.

If we began the year with our focus on God it may be difficult to imagine that he is still with us as we forge our way through our trials.  The last five months have presented opportunity for much prayer.  The extremities that we’ve witnessed in our nation, our world, God’s creation, have perhaps been just as compelling as those you may have personally experienced.  The middle presents itself as an opportunity to perhaps return to your old ways of thinking, operating, functioning.  If you return now, you are familiar with the terrain; after all, you just overcame it.  But before you retreat, let’s collectively consider something.  The middle also represents an opportunity to either carry on with business as usual, or to see yourself as the conqueror you are.  Maybe during the last five months God had you in preparation mode for what is to come.  Without the proper training regimen, you won’t successfully emerge from the battle.  Romans 8:37 affirms that in all these things we are more than conquerors! Name your things.  I believe God thought it appropriate to be non descriptive so that those of us who have faith paralysis could not be affirmed in our temporary memory lapse of who we serve and believe that our “thing” is too much for the God we serve.  Sometimes he needs to be a generic God for the specificity we find ourselves navigating.  Yet, he again, he is not the God of the undone.

If we continue with our middle analogy, did God forget about us like in the middle child syndrome? Did he loose his focus on our lives? Is he treating us like we are invisible? If we are in the middle and feeling like the middle, we must therefore follow the path that middle children exhibit.  We must be flexible, and remind ourselves that things are working for our good (Romans 8:28).  We must be vocal to be heard, constantly in communication with God through prayer, through praise and through worship reminding him of who he is, his promises over our lives and our gratitude toward him.  In turn as parents of middle children do, God will engage in one on one and special time with us.  In fact, our trials are perfect opportunities to receive and engage in his love for us.  Middle children often complain about hand me downs from the older sibling, but in God, every blessing is customized for us – no sharing and no seconds!

Tis June! God is not finished, and we shouldn’t be either.  If the Lord has allowed you to still experience the blessing of life there is opportunity for you to get what you need in this season, do what you need in this season and be who God has commanded you to be in this season.  You are not where you were, and there is space for you to travel toward your destiny.  Go ahead and enjoy the month of June and all the beauty it has to offer.  You don’t serve an undone God, he will not leave you in the middle and he is not yet done!

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