I Forgot To Remember!

Hallelujah! Welcome 2018! Were you one of the those who were shouting for the new year and the new beginning? What made this particularly special was because seven in 2017 represented completion. Many of us were ready for certain aspects and circumstances that haunted and disturbed our peace to be over! We anticipated with excitement the eight in 2018 as a new beginning. Yet we mustn’t forget that everyone doesn’t want to go into a new beginning, and that can include parts of ourself. Some are terrified of newness, and others, quite comfortable with what is known, because the unknown may symbolize something that falls outside of their perceived power of control and sphere of influence. As a recovering and occasionally passive controller, I’m not one for resolutions. I welcome new mercies and grace daily. For such I am grateful and appreciative that I’m not just afforded those blessings with a new year. I did however sit in listening prayer and vowed to keep my mouth shut about a difficult situation in my workplace. Five days in (I’ll blame the bomb cyclone), I got caught up in my feelings. I forgot to remember who is in control! I forgot to remember that I’m His. I forgot to remember that I am covered and in due season…

As a believer I am confident that God will continue to supply all my needs. It’s the desires that sometimes appear to take a bit longer to manifest. However just because God is allowing others to prosper, doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be enough left to go around for those who are His own. We are reminded to seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto us (Matthew 6:33). We can seek the Kingdom of God and not believe in His righteousness. In what manner you may ask? Well, not believing that His actions toward us are for our good. This may place us in a position of seeing others prosper when we believe they are not worthy. Not.our.lane. Our posture must continue to reflect that of gratefulness to God, simply because of who He is! The question to ponder as opposed to the others we conjure in our mental game of see-saw is “Can we allow Him to be God?” For the skepticism in us that may require a follow up question or an addendum, try this: “Can we do better than God?” Oh I know the answer. I forgot to remember!

Tis 2018! On this eighth day, we get a second, second beginning! Let us not forget to remember that whatever He promised shall come! Let us not forget to remember that everything we’ve been afforded and extended and granted has been a result of who He is and His sovereignty. Despite our mistakes, missteps and misappropriations, everything was covered at Calvary! Let us not forget to remember that He loves us unconditionally. He is concerned about what concerns and unlike us, He never forgets to remember! We must not forget.

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