God Will Bless Your Corner Ministry!

Listen. I hear it often. I’ll do it when things get better. I’ll do it when I finish school. I’ll do it when I get a new job. I’ll do it when my kids get older. I’ll do it, is typically followed by some reasoning as to why it can’t be done. For some reason, we’ve allowed the enemy to trick us to believe that we can only bloom when the conditions under which we find ourselves are ideal. I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t do everything we know possible to create an atmosphere that is worthy for growth to occur. We’ve got to commit ourselves to a regimen that produces opportunity for good fruit to come forth. Yet, even when the rain doesn’t show up as we’d hoped, that doesn’t mean that we don’t look for increase, that we don’t expect and anticipate increase. After all, when we’ve put the work in, we should expect results. I cannot tell you how many storms I’ve danced through, literally. Countless numbers of times, challenges have seemed to emerge on a Saturday, more specifically, Saturday evening, the night prior to my intention to minister in dance the next morning at service. Sometimes, it’s been sickness, sometimes heartache, sometimes unanswered prayers and sometimes lingering upsets from the week prior at work. Nevertheless, since I’ve committed myself to ministry, I’ve pressed my way – and not only do I feel better as a result of following through and being obedient, but I’ve also built resilience in my faith walk. Because if I waited for perfection, I would be immobile. Our faith enables us to keep going, keep blossoming despite our circumstances. If that revelation wasn’t salient enough, this week God allowed a tangible example to demonstrate His goodness and ability to ensure that we thrive in what feels like less than amiable conditions.

As I was driving away from our home, I noticed a smidge of red in a corner on the side of our home. I didn’t have time to check it out as I was already running behind schedule, so I made a mental note to check it out later upon my return home. Later that day, I found a surprise. At the end of last summer, we cleaned out the flower bed and placed some stalks from flowers that withered on the side of the house. To my surprise, they sprouted and are now growing, backed up against a corner on the side of the house. It’s dark, and little sunlight hits the area, it doesn’t get the attention that the flowers in the front yard get, and yet, it stands, simply beautiful to behold. It is not perfectly aligned, but instead backed up against a corner. Despite the conditions that were prevalent, the flower continued to bloom. And therein lies the lesson for us. Not matter how often we are backed up against a corner, we must continue to trust God and produce good fruit. Accordingly, Matthew 7:20 reads, “Yes, just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions.” We cannot afford to not produce. We must be just as committed to our own growth as God is to us. Despite our present circumstances, through our press, we exercise faith and in time things will turn around for our good. Can you bloom when backed up against a corner? May I employ you to stop waiting for “it” to be diminished? It may never happen the way we envision. Yet, we can continue to move in the direction we desire God to bless despite the conditions we find ourselves toiling under. Go forth and bloom. Praise Him and do the work. God will bless your corner ministry! I promise, “it” will come to pass!


  1. Verna Patryce Best -  May 6, 2019 - 8:00 am 277

    And often, a corner is a good place for a victorious shout!!!

    • Stephanie -  May 6, 2019 - 9:19 am 278

      Come on now! You speak truth!


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