From Zero to Worship, Real Quick!

Often when we hear that someone went from 0 to 100, there is a collective agreement that a situation escalated quickly – and most definitely not in a positive manner. I am comfortable, but perhaps not proud to admit that I’ve carried membership in said club. Anger has reared its ugly head, or disappointment in such a way that I’ve been compelled to display an external demonstration of what I was experiencing internally. Yet, most recently, I had a remarkable experience whereby I was overcome and affirmatively overwhelmed to go from what I’ll term as zero to worship, real quick!

The Word of the Lord declares in John 4:23: “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” In this passage, Jesus the Christ is speaking to a Samaritan woman and breaking down historical and societal barriers regarding the concept and practice of worship. As Jesus professed that a time would come whereby worship could take place anywhere, I would suggest that as we engage with the Creator, more and more, we build the capacity and tenacity of “time.” Time comes as a result of the encounters, experiences, engagements and entanglements that we’ve previously endured. Time comes as God enables victory over tribulation. Time comes through enduring hardness as a good soldier. Time comes as we witness the hand of God in spaces and places where the enemy has attempted to take root. Time comes as we relinquish what we believe we have dominion over, to the one who has sovereignty over everything. Time comes as we realize that in Him, we live, move and have our being. As we settle into the reality of “time coming” we avail ourselves in the actuality of going from zero to worship, real quick!

I had the blessing of attending an ecumenical service over the weekend and had the pleasure of experiencing the ministry of Kierra KiKi Sheard, up close and personal. She offered beautiful words of encouragement and affirmation on the power of sisterhood, wisdom and the grace of God. Following her sermonette, she ministered through song. In less than one minute, she took us in, and I followed quickly. I found myself in worship as expeditiously as she assumed to the mic. Make no mistake, I’ve enjoyed her ministry for quite a while. We’ve ministered in dance to many of her songs. Yet, it was the underpinning, the anointing and affirmation of the previous “times” that enabled worship to be displayed and present in the room. It wasn’t necessary for me to be privy to her “times” or her to mine, because whatever they were, are or are to come, they have birthed true worship! It was a beautiful reflection of the scripture, as our connection was evident through worship, regardless of other similarities or differences in our experiential DNA.

When we dive deeper in the fourth chapter of John to verse 26, we can appreciate that our ability to worship, our ability to be demonstrative as true worshippers, is a result of the realization of the “I Am He!” The “I Am He” compels us to live a life of worship, and being ready, willing and able to go from zero to worship anytime, anyplace, anywhere! This passage is rich and the more I’ve sat with it, the more God has continued to unfold. Check out the rest, next Monday. Until then, join me, and let us worship…real quick!

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