Fight Faith?

While attending an Institute last week, an attendee shared, “Give your faith a fighting chance!” I was struck by her declaration. I later recalled that I’d heard that sentiment in a song. Back to the thought. I profess to be a person of faith and yet sometimes I desire to control it, sending it forth in some situations, repressing it in others. Of course, this is not what I was taught, nor would I agree that it serves me in the best possible way. Yet, if I am honest, I have occasionally enabled my faith to lose before the fight even begins. How so? By not availing myself to the weaponry I possess as a believer of the Most High God! My tool belt is equipped with Jeremiah 32:27, and Philippians 4:13 and Ephesians 3:20 but sometimes I forgot, and instead exchange my resources for speaking negativity, forsaking that life and death lie in the power of my tongue (Proverbs 18:21). So, hearing the declaration from my fellow attendee was just the jolt that I needed to be reaffirmed of the promises of God that have not yet come to past.

I have moved beyond assuming that everything that goes astray in life is attributable to the enemy. God is calling us to be wiser, stronger and more faithful as we operate in the earth realm. As such, an essential vehicle to walk out those tenets are availed as faith fights. The odds are always in our favor, because the Word declares that we will have favor with God and man (Luke 2:52). The manifestation of the win may not present itself in our timing, so we must hold fast to allowing our faith to remain in the ring until the end. Even flat on our back or perhaps flat on our face, we mustn’t succumb to the count that we hear around us.

But how often do we in fact fight faith?! Giving faith a fighting chance reflects granting God the authority and responsibility to be in charge minus our intervention. It means trusting Him to do what He promised in His Word when it comes to our lives. No matter what others who are privy to small glimpses of our lives are saying or whether they just operate in a spectator ministry when it comes to us, we have the opportunity to demonstrate what it means to hold to God through each round of life. Yet we must prep our faith. We must train our faith. The best methodology for enacting its success is to strengthen it by having a relationship with the Master, while spending time in our operational manual, which is the Word of God. Through a regimented balance of praise and worship, we prepare ourselves for the fight of faith. Accordingly, we actually find that it is not the circumstance or the person that we are in fact in battle with, but instead, our own faith is on the line, with the battle ensuing between our outer (wo)man and inner (wo)man. On our own, it may appear that we’ve won without the utility of faith, but I would suggest that is short lived. For sustainability, for the long run, my odds are on the one who has never left me in the ring by myself. Try it out. You might be pleased with the outcome.

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