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keep-calm-when-you-re-feeling-blueA couple of weeks ago, I visited a nail shop that I frequent regularly.  I chose a color that appeared in the purple/lilac family.  Before the attendant opened the bottle for application, she said, “Are you sure that you want this? Its mood changing polish.” I responded, “Oh, like a mood ring?” She looked strange.  I realized that I’d entered the age divide because she had no clue as to what I was referring to.  She responded, “The polish change colors supposedly based upon your mood.” Note to self: yeah, like a mood ring.  I thought it might be fun, so I agreed, and off we began.  As she applied the polish, it took on a turquoise color.  It was to my liking, but it looked nothing like the original selection.

After I left the nail shop, I continued to monitor the color on my nails.  Nothing changed. I began to assume it was some type of urban myth, and that the true mood change products were relegated to the the 1970s.  After a while, I paid less attention to the polish.  The next day I was to minister in dance at church, and the garment I wore actually matched the polish perfectly.  We typically rehearse with the praise team before service.  Yet, sound check on this particular Sunday was different.  As the praise team sang, and the ministry danced, a fully enveloped worship experience was felt.  It was more than the checking of instruments and systems.  I’d wished in my mind that we could flow right from there into service.  As we each gathered ourselves to prepare for intercessory prayer, I noticed my nails were an electric blue.  Had my mood finally changed?

Over the next two weeks, I noticed that the polish on my nails fluctuated between the turquoise and the electric blue.  The electric blue emerged primarily during my worship times. In church during dance rehearsal, ministering in dance during Sunday service, my early morning writing, reading my Word, singing to worship songs in my car, etc.  I began to wonder, is it possible for me to be sustained in worship mode? What is occurring at that time that is distinctly different from my resting state? Or is it actually my resting state and other times I am not aligned with my core or rather the core that God desires for my life? I can tell you that my nails were not electric blue during meetings, or difficult conversations.  If truth were to emerge, in some of those spaces, my nails may have turned fire engine red.

I Samuel 16:14 in the Message reads, “At that very moment the Spirit of God left Saul and in its place a black mood sent by God settled on him. He was terrified.” I don’t ever want my actions or thoughts to cause the Spirit of God to depart from me.  Yet, this consideration does not always guide me.  Sometimes I do a really good job of ignoring the wiles of the enemy, other times not so much.  Often, I encounter people who speak before they think and don’t consider the extent to which their words may be harmful.  I further encounter folks who fail to take responsibility for their actions upon others.  I would be inauthentic if I did not admit that every now and then, I’m right there with them.  The fact that one accepts Christ as their personal savior does not mean that the urge to respond in any number of manipulative ways does not cross the mind.  However, there are consequences to my “mood.”  As such, it is best for me to give it to God, rather than give in to self.

Societal norms have taught us to consider a “blue mood” as one that is not happy.  The expression refers to sadness, depression, melancholy.  Yet, in the case of the nails, it was calm, hopeful, grateful and content.  As I get closer to the what is expected to be the second half of my life, I’d prefer to feel blue in the new found state identified.  Whether you elect to get your nails done now or ever, “his” nails must be our reminder to go the extra mile and monitor ourselves so as not to respond to others and situations in a non thoughtful manner.  Sometimes people are malicious – after all the enemy is busy; however, sometimes people do not realize the gravity of their actions.  We must seek God to understand and know the difference and pray for a spirit of self-control.  The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth (John 16:13).  Our Creator is indeed true blue.
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