Current Crisis Covered? Check!

The past few days, God allowed space and I abided in worship and reflection of the resurrection. I watched youtube videos and listened to some of my favorite songs that depict the cross and the Blood of Jesus. I found a few dvds from six and seven years respectively, of our church’s worship and fine arts ministry whereby we ministered through movement the narrative of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Suffice to say, I’ve enjoyed my worship time. I was particularly prostrate as I watched the dance ministry do a piece to the song, “Just for Me,” by Shekinah Glory. As we are afforded ministry moments, it’s easy to share that redemption story with someone else, telling them, dancing to them, singing to them, preaching to them, teaching to them that Jesus did “it,” the crucifixion, the suffering, the beating, just for them. Yet, how often might we tell, dance, sing, preach and teach the same message to ourself? How often do we demonstrate in our posture, our countenance, our mind, dare even our speech, that perhaps “it” wasn’t for us, or that our current crises is beyond the cross? When we do this, we essentially tell Jesus, who bore the weight of sin in the earth that was and is to come, that our preexisting conditions were beyond the Blood! Surely,that may not be our intent, but woe unto us for deeming ourselves wiser than the one who created us by assuming and sadly accepting that the crisis sent to us by the Creator is too large to be handled by Him. Note to self: You’ve entered some dangerous terrain…

Whatever “it” is, we must train ourselves, internally and externally that the cost for it has already been paid. Yesterday, when I went to the grocery store and paid for what I purchased, the transaction was settled. As I left the store, the attendant stood by, surveying my cart. If he asked to see my receipt (as he has on other occasions), the expectation is that I produce it. And if so, I should not expect him to inform me to go and pay for the groceries again. If he did, I would erupt into anything that does not show up in the sanctuary, demanding, clambering to remind he and every other person that would be on the grounds, that I paid once and that I’m not paying a second time! Yet, each time I fail to believe the “just for me” message, the one that proclaims that Jesus died for my sins and everything I encounter as a result of His cruxifixction and resurrection, I am in fact attempting to pay for what has already been purchased!

During my worship weekend, I wondered just how far back this realization goes. God provided a sweet memory of myself singing to my Sunday School teacher/pianist in the church, Mrs. Richardean Wilson. She was playing, “He Lives.” My favorite portion of the song was, “You ask me how I know He lives, He Lives (and she would hit a crescendo) within my heart!” I loved that part. I loved thinking about the risen Savior living in my heart. God reminded me that we’ve been rocking with each other for a long time, and that I’ve known it. I believed it! I accepted it, so I can’t question it! Our preexisting condition, was already covered at the cross! There is no explanation needed on our part, it was done out of an abundance of love that we cannot ever fully comprehend through the lens of flesh, but can fully accept through the scope of God’s great love for us.

One of the most memorable scriptures I recall from childhood is John 3:16. I could recite it with little ease or effort notwithstanding the depth and breadth of it. We are so loved y’all! And no matter what we have faced, are facing or will face, we may experience victory of “it” because of the victory at the cross. He did it just for you! He did it just for me! He did it for those you love! He did it for those we are challenged to love! Contrary to what our crises signify, there was no crisis at the cross! The crisis then and now was averted because of Jesus’ obedience unto death and then the resurrection over everything and everyone! For it all, through it all, we can be sure, it was and is covered at Calvary.

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