Covered on Generation Drive

It’s amazing how life comes full circle. About 20 years ago, I was in a marriage that was not healthy. I had no money. I stayed six months longer than I preferred because I needed to wait for the huge security deposit to be returned. As such, when I decided to leave, I was worried about how I would manage, particularly with a four year old in tote. I recall being nervous about going to look at apartments because I had a limited credit history. I was unsure as to how our new life would unfold. My best friend was getting married. I was balancing being happy about her new beginning and fearful about mine. I recall the Holy Spirit directing me to an apartment complex that was off the beaten path. I viewed the apartment home and loved it. As I sat in the rental manager’s office, I felt led to share my testimony. When I finished, she said, “I’m going to waive the move in fee. In fact, I’m going to give you the keys early, and you move when you want. The rent will be due one month after you get settled.” My heart was overjoyed! Here I was worried about our new beginning, and immediately God reassured me that we would be covered on Generation Drive.

This weekend, a sister in Christ of mine lost a loved one. Not that losing anyone is ever easy, but this death happened unexpectedly. Understandably, it has taken her by surprise and as a few other sisters and I elected to go visit, I found myself standing directly across from the rental manager’s office. A flood of memories raced through my mind. The testimony I shared in that space 20 years ago. Playing outside with my daughter. Teaching her to ride a bike on the walking trail. Making friends as a single person for the first time since I’d moved to North Carolina. There were other memories that didn’t immediately conjure up a smile. Settling in with the reality of being divorced quicker than the warranty expired on the wedding presents we’d received. Living on one salary as opposed to two. Rearing a child alone when I often felt like I was still a child myself. Trying to establish myself in a work environment and navigating despite my race and gender. Through it all, and more importantly, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “And you’ve been covered.”

Every decision, every opportunity and every step since that time has been covered by the Blood of the Lamb. Has it been easy? He never promised it would be. Nevertheless, I would not alter the that journey. As I held space with my sister, I thought how only a God as mighty as ours would provide an opportunity to come full circle and enable me to serve as a tangible vehicle and witness that God will take care of you, even amidst separation and trauma. We say it so cavalierly, but truly God will never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). The same God that was with us 20 years ago on Generation Drive, and now four homes and three jobs later, a different marriage, an additional child, and the four year old who holds a college degree, living independently, is the same God that will be with my sister today, tomorrow and forevermore. As we come to the realization that we are never alone, we can rest that even as we experience trials, we are covered.

When we lived in the apartment complex, one of the requirements the four year would insist on was to be tucked in and covered. While living there, I started working on my doctorate degree. Often times, I would get in after 11pm from class, and occasionally she would be asleep. I would look in on her and seemingly she would wake up and say, “You didn’t kiss me, and cover me.” I would comply. Just like God does. He covers us in our joy and our sorrow. He covers us as we go out and when we come in. He covers us as we experience victory and in defeat. He covers us everywhere and through everything, and particularly on Generation Drive.

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