• Confronting Hard Questions

    While matriculating in school, I mastered the art of avoiding the hard questions.  I would sit in a place that would strategically keep me from being noticed.  For example, sitting next to the person who always had an answer resulted in the teacher or professor being willing to ignore the person, and thereby me.  Or refusing […]

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  • Feeling Blue…

    A couple of weeks ago, I visited a nail shop that I frequent regularly.  I chose a color that appeared in the purple/lilac family.  Before the attendant opened the bottle for application, she said, “Are you sure that you want this? Its mood changing polish.” I responded, “Oh, like a mood ring?” She looked strange. […]

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  • Resisting Your Good?

    I decided to go running with a group the other day.  I began running about seven months ago, and although I did a 5k in April, as far as my non race days,  I’d been running solo. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed being with others.  It’s easy for me (I believe) to get along with others, […]

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  • It’s The Holiday! Who’s Your +1?

    I need to open with a disclaimer.  It’s the day before America honors its freedom, and I suppose as such, I’m in liberation mode.  Perhaps more significantly in my life is my freedom through Christ’s death, burial and resurrection at Calvary.  I’m feeling quite liberated this morning and earnestly hope and pray the same for […]

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  • Balloon or Bust?

    When I initially moved to the state of North Carolina, I lived on the campus of North Carolina State University (Go Pack!).  I began graduate school and I worked as a Residence Director.  The campus was near Cameron Village, and the grocery store we frequented was Harris Teeter.  My daughter loved going to the store […]

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  • The Unfolding of His Sovereignty

    If there is anything on the list of demonstrated behaviors God deemed to show me in 2014, it was that he is sovereign.  He is in full control.  There is no doubt in my mind.  No matter what I attempt, manipulate, avoid or ignore, I fall short.  Everything I touch, everything I say and everything […]

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  • Flag Day, Forty-Fives and Father’s Day

    Flag Day is finally here! Growing up, I couldn’t wait for this day to arrive.  I had difficulty sleeping the night before due to excitement.  Whether I was having a party or not, or anticipating receiving a special gift, Flag Day was always special because it was my birthday! It was a day by which […]

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  • From Anger to Love

    One week after we lost our family member, our consciousness, our hope, our affirmation, our beauty, our love, I do what she, being Dr. Maya Angelou shared in an interview with Dave Chappelle, “I write it.”  This was one of the answers she provided in response to the question, “What do you do with anger?” Although […]

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  • The Playlist Of My Past

    Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting my daughter who is away at school.  Her roommates live locally to the university and already moved home.  So, instead of staying in a hotel, I elected to stay in her campus apartment during my visit.  It was a surreal experience to the say the least. […]

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  • Have you experienced a spiritual security breach?

    Occasionally when I log into a site that I regularly visit, I am requested to enter a password.  I immediately experience all kinds of anxiety because it is difficult for me to recall all the various passwords that I’ve created.  This becomes even more complicated as I’m prompted to change my password typically within an […]

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  • The Race Is Not Given

    One week ago I ran my first 5K! It was the culmination of many hours of hard work.  I have danced all my life, and if soccer had been popular during my childhood, I’m certain I would have played.  Yet, outside of dance, I have never considered myself to be athletic.  I have worn corrective […]

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  • Can I Get A Refill?

    Ever noticed that not all refills are free? You can purchase a soft drink in a fast food restaurant and refill your cup to your heart’s delight, unless its something like lemonade, by which its typically kept behind the counter with a price assigned to it.  The option of a refill is no where near […]

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