• Membership has its privileges

    My mother and I traveled recently to my hometown of Chicago. Actually, she traveled before me by a few days. She was blessed to celebrate her 84th birthday during our trip. God has kept her healthy and further, she contributes actively to ensure her maintenance. However, she does take advantage of the perks afforded as […]

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  • 7.17.17

    In the words of Mufasa, “It is time!” What have you put off? What have you declared later over? Whatever it is, dust it off, face up to it and finish. No more excuses. No more antics of avoidance. God is speaking loud and clear through the date we’ve been afforded, 7.17.17! Many of you […]

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  • Silent on the Field

    I saw a story recently on the news about a new rule for soccer playing. I believe it was in the state of South Carolina. It involved youth soccer and parents and/or guardians will no longer be allowed to offer their commentary on the sideline while their player is at work. Instead, they must remain […]

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  • People posture. I praise.

    While growing up I was told “sit up straight!” I wondered why that was so critical, but as a child of the 70s, I dare not inquire, I just followed what I was instructed to do – at least in the presence of the one demanding the action. As soon as I was away from […]

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  • Fatherless Far Less

    Father’s Day is always a really interesting day for me. My father passed away when I was five. I have memories of him, but not many. My mother never remarried. My uncles played a significant role and demonstrated to me the character of what a father is. I cherish those memories and their witness. When […]

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  • Not Used For Purposes Intended!

    I purchased a money order about six weeks ago from my credit union. Immediately following, I drove downtown to submit the money order. I was told it would take about five weeks for it to clear. I recall the day because it was the last day of my sick leave post surgery. I recall thinking […]

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  • Are you goin’ make grade?

    Tis the season. Proms, graduations, end of year assessments, and the dreadful question that the church mothers would ask, “Is s/he goin’ make grade?” This was their way of extending care and correction muddled together to inquire as to whether a child had engaged in the necessary steps to “pass grade” and be promoted. Although […]

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  • You Stand By Your Word!

    A few days ago, I traveled in some pretty terrific weather. It rained from the moment I pulled out of the garage at 7:25am until the time I pulled in at 4:45pm. I traveled just under two hours away from home, I maneuvered through three accidents, and trying to keep from hydroplaning. My hair got […]

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  • The Deviled Half

    I’ve shared previously that my life altered somewhat about three years ago when I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy. It’s not uncommon, but the fact that it developed 40 some odd years after my birth is a bit strange. Nevertheless, I’ve adjusted to the change of eating. However, occasionally, when I dine at a […]

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  • The I Am He Of Preexisting Conditions!

    Let’s pick up from where we left off last week when Jesus introduced himself to the Samaritan woman in the fourth chapter of John. At the well, she had a life changing experience. However, let’s be clear, she didn’t share cultural DNA with Jesus. She was the marrying type, five times over, and as Jesus […]

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  • From Zero to Worship, Real Quick!

    Often when we hear that someone went from 0 to 100, there is a collective agreement that a situation escalated quickly – and most definitely not in a positive manner. I am comfortable, but perhaps not proud to admit that I’ve carried membership in said club. Anger has reared its ugly head, or disappointment in […]

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Stephanie Helms Pickett’s life has been reflected by Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that worketh within us.”

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Through personal narratives of lessons learned from academic disciplines and application through the word of God, the book is organized around theory that comprises each of these schools of thought thus presenting an amazing comparison which is scholarly, scriptural and reflective.

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