• The Enemy Plays Politics

    The enemy plays politics, and not just during election season. He does his best work when he is most aware of what God has allowed that appears unfavorable to us. As such, he is the best at a technique that is used often in politics. A question is asked and instead of answering, people engage […]

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  • Coming Soon!

    While on my morning run (wait allow me to refrain). “On my morning run” sounds like I run every morning. I won’t allow myself to be that great! LOL! Revised: On a morning run a couple of days ago, I noticed a house with a sign in the yard that read, “Coming Soon.” You may […]

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  • Testimony Dropout

    One of my favorite movies growing up was “Grease.” In fact what I enjoyed most was the singing and dancing. When the song, “Beauty School Dropout” came on, with the entire scene staged in white with the character in pink hair, I went crazy…oh how I wanted that hair, but I digress! At any rate, […]

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  • Lessons That Sock You!

    An early memory of writing I have dates back to the third grade. On Friday afternoon, we had opportunity to select an item outside of the imagination box and to use that said item to write a creative story. Once I pulled out a sock and developed a narrative by which the sock went on […]

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  • Current Crisis Covered? Check!

    The past few days, God allowed space and I abided in worship and reflection of the resurrection. I watched youtube videos and listened to some of my favorite songs that depict the cross and the Blood of Jesus. I found a few dvds from six and seven years respectively, of our church’s worship and fine […]

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  • In Focus

    I was blessed over the weekend to facilitate a workshop on purpose in dance ministry. I prepared a powerpoint to accompany the dance I choreographed and intended to teach the participants. I arrived early to set up and be ready for the start time. The person who invited me escorted me to the room, and […]

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  • The Now and Later God!

    I absolutely loved now and later candy growing up! Actually, I still do. Grape and apple (not that new fancy one) are a few of my favorites. We didn’t know that the word “and” was in between. Instead we called them, “nawlaters.” A sister in Christ brought some to rehearsal recently, and as I reflected […]

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  • Follow Directions

    A few days ago while working I was moving about feverishly attempting to print stickers for a mapping project. I placed the sticker paper in our copier and I opened the file by which I desired to print. I made the attempt and the icons printed slightly off of the actual sticker. I did the […]

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  • From For to Who

    Since I was a child, I’ve felt that I’ve been in control of a lot of things about myself. I guess you can say I was reared early on to operate in my own agency. However, that seems to go out of the window when it comes to my facial expressions. My brother once told […]

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  • Straight! Where’s the Chaser?

    God is dealing with me raw. I’m unsure of what prompted this change of behavior or disposition. It could be my relentless desire to have things in what I may term my organized chaos. Nevertheless this declaration emerged through a conversation with God with me asking or rather begging the question, “How long?” Have you […]

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  • I Rebuke It?

    While speaking with a friend a few days ago, I was sharing my reality of being under attack and the spaces by which I needed to reserve and direct my energy. Immediately, she responded as I’ve often done and declared, “I rebuke that in the name of Jesus!” I love my sister and I appreciate […]

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About Dr. Helms Pickett

Stephanie Helms Pickett’s life has been reflected by Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that worketh within us.”

Her Name is SHE

Who is SHE? On the outside, she appears to have it all together. She is described as fierce, fabulous and fine. Her timeline on social media sites are filled with accolades by other ‘shes’ affirming and echoing her greatness.

Later Never Came…

Through personal narratives of lessons learned from academic disciplines and application through the word of God, the book is organized around theory that comprises each of these schools of thought thus presenting an amazing comparison which is scholarly, scriptural and reflective.

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