• The Propensity of Prayer

    Thirteen months ago, I began on a prayer journey. I created a prayer vision board relative to our daughter’s career. I titled it with her name, an apostrophe and career. I studied to find scriptures in support of the vision of her career. This came at a time when she was underemployed and determined not […]

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  • The Status Of Safety

    I believe I’ve been on Facebook about nine years or so. It’s experienced quite a bit of changes. One of the most profound has been the incorporation of a user’s capability to mark oneself safe. This notification allows those of us who are concerned about the whereabouts of our loved ones when tragedy occurs. It […]

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  • Shine On Me!

    As a child as 11am service was beginning, after I’d taken a quick trip to the neighborhood store to purchase a bag of candy to secretly eat during service, I’d travel up the stairs to the sanctuary, hearing the saints sing, “Shine on me, shine on me, let the light from the lighthouse, shine on […]

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  • Military, Are You?

    Almost two weeks ago, I went for my annual mammogram (results were great, Praise God!). It was a day that was cold and there was sleet falling. I didn’t want to leave my house, but getting this test is too important to remain in the bed. At any rate, I threw some clothes on and […]

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  • But for the “If”

    I promise the enemy is out here doing his best to keep the saints from being great as 2017 comes to a close. As if the year wasn’t filled enough with tribulation, here he comes squeezing the last bit of drama he can before confetti is thrown in the air at a Watch Night Service. […]

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  • Fight Faith?

    While attending an Institute last week, an attendee shared, “Give your faith a fighting chance!” I was struck by her declaration. I later recalled that I’d heard that sentiment in a song. Back to the thought. I profess to be a person of faith and yet sometimes I desire to control it, sending it forth […]

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  • When Did You Cease From Crying?

    A few days ago, I was sitting in a conference room on a church’s grounds, that happened to be situated above a daycare center.  At first the background noise was filled with laughter of children playing, when all of a sudden one child in particular began to cry.  The child’s cry seemed as if it […]

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  • In the 17…

    Happy New Year! I don’t get tired of hearing or saying this.  Why? Because it serves as a reminder of newness, of hope, of dreams being manifested and visions coming into reality.  It presents as an opportunity for a do-over and who doesn’t appreciate that?! I am not one for setting resolutions, but I do […]

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  • Is He In Your History?

    Recently, I was interested in finding something that I’d originally connected with on the internet.  I recall the process of my inquiry, but was unable to recall where I found the information.  As I typed in a few words that would seemingly spring me into my search, I noticed that what I was looking for […]

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  • Class Is In Session!

    It’s that time of the year again! All over the planet, feet (and fingers…can’t forget the online community) are headed to what was originally referred to as the schoolhouse. Preparations have been made, and even if not, no matter the circumstance, the fall (or rather late August/early September) represents a time for a recommitment to […]

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  • Bring It!

    One of my guilty pleasures is watching “Bring It” on Lifetime.  I’ve always loved dance, and honestly, it is the closest experience to growing up with dance that I can imagine.  I wouldn’t say that we danced completely like them, but in terms of the ethic, the sense of community, the competitions and the synchronicity. […]

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  • Make It Plane

    It feels like its common knowledge, but just in case it’s not, I’ll share that I’m not a fan of flying.  I have tricked myself into the practice, and admittedly, its gotten better, thanks to the prayers of the righteous, but I still have a little ways to go.  I wasn’t always this way; but […]

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Stephanie Helms Pickett’s life has been reflected by Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that worketh within us.”

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Through personal narratives of lessons learned from academic disciplines and application through the word of God, the book is organized around theory that comprises each of these schools of thought thus presenting an amazing comparison which is scholarly, scriptural and reflective.

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