Cargo Blessings

Today I met a young woman whose name was, “Miracle.” I couldn’t stop there; my curiosity got the best of me immediately.  I inquired, “Tell me the history of your name.”  She responded, “When I was born, I had to be resuscitated three times.”  “Wow, I said, totally get it!” Wherever she goes, she has the opportunity to carry the miracle with her, the blessing if you will.  Of course, that made me wonder and ponder the question, “How often do I consider that I am the carrier of blessings?” Let me be clear, I’m not referring to what I call the Christian cuss out, nastily telling someone who has been rude to me to, “Have a blessed day!” I’m talking about genuinely coming to the realization that as a believer, as a faith driven individual, as a surrendered person, I carry the power of Christ with me and the benefit wherever I go.  Zephaniah 3:17 reads, “The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.”  Sometimes though, while navigating the cares of life, its easy to forget that I am a carrier of cargo blessings.

My mother often speaks about how busy I am.  Tis true.  Most recently, I traveled over the last four weekends.  On one of my trips to celebrate 25 years of being a member of my sorority, I had to fly.  On my way to our destination, I failed to check my bag.  I thought it was small enough to operate as a carry on.  However, when I reached the gate, the airline attendant reprimanded me with a, “In the future you’ll need to check this bag.”  Got it.  She checked my bag at the gate, and informed me that I would be able to secure it at baggage claim, and not outside of the plane as I’d hoped.  When I reached my destination and subsequently, baggage claim, I found my luggage (which was brand new) damaged.  I stood in line at the customer service counter for about 30 minutes, only to decide to handle it on my return home.  I refused to allow the event to dampen my enthusiasm of my trip.  Because there were seven of us traveling, eating, residing together, I brought cash to make transactions more seamless.  After an amazing trip, I decided that I would check my bag on my return just in case the next airline attendant wasn’t as gracious.  Without thinking, I packed my leftover cash in a compartment in the damaged suitcase and went on to the airport.  I stopped along the way and maneuvered my belongings, but for the life of me I couldn’t recall what I’d done.

After I checked my bag, I recalled my steps and realized that I’d packed my cash in the damaged luggage.  Anyone who travels understands that I’d broken travel rule number one, “never pack your valuables in checked luggage.”  Sitting on the plane coming to realization of what I’d done brought horror and disappointment in self.  After all, I was really surprised to have money on the return trip; and more importantly, it had a purpose.  I began to pray that God would enable the money to still be in the space where I’d placed.  I began to pray for the person who elected to take the money, with the assumption that they apparently needed it much more than me.  My prayer led me into worship, and in my worship, I heard the Holy Spirit instructing me to look into the zipper of my purse pocket.  I followed instruction without question, and there to my surprise was the $200 in cash.  I’d not recalled if I moved it back to my purse, or if in my faith display that God altered the course of events.  I realized that I was the carrier of a blessing unbeknownst to me.

I’m not alone.  Let’s consider the luggage, the cargo if you will.  We don’t always fit.  We get reprimanded and instructed to do or be something different if we ever get a second opportunity.  We have unexpected things happen to us, unexpected courses of action.  We follow protocol and are still sometimes damaged in the process.  Occasionally, we have to continue to operate as damaged goods.  Nevertheless, we still carry the blessings of God; and our blessings are even more manifested through obedience.  I could have attempted to act as though I didn’t understand or wasn’t aware of the measurement requirements for the carry on; however, though inconvenient, and even though there was a cost to check my bag, the obedience resulted for my good! Deuteronomy 28:2 reads, “And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.”  Obedience will cost you! Sometimes, friends, relationships, opportunities, but in the end, all will work in your favor.

In the natural, cargo is typically for commercial gain; but in the spiritual, cargo, what we carry, what we endure, what we transition is for Kingdom gain – it’s for God to get the glory, whether we are sitting on the tarp or soaring through the air.  Cargo blessings, we carry them with us.




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