Can I Get A Refill?

fuel gauge showing and empty tankEver noticed that not all refills are free? You can purchase a soft drink in a fast food restaurant and refill your cup to your heart’s delight, unless its something like lemonade, by which its typically kept behind the counter with a price assigned to it.  The option of a refill is no where near available in a place like Starbucks, unless of course you are drinking water.  In other words, often the case, a refill costs.

When we apply our metaphor in a spiritual context, a refill is often needed when emptiness is perceivably near.  Sometimes through our giving, as instructed and expected by God, we don’t realize the extent to which we are running on fumes.  Perhaps we”go off” in response to something trivial. Or we’re tired; not physically so, but emotionally and spiritually drained.  We are in desperate need of a refill, and seemingly lost on where to access what we need to go on.

The water has historically served as a filling station for me.  I was blessed over the weekend to travel to South Carolina for my first 5K.  While I was incredibly excited and had the time of my life, my real truth emerged as I stood on the shore witnessing God’s beauty.  I didn’t have to carry my cup back to the counter and look lovingly into the eyes of the worker to request for a refill, and hope that she/he would comply without requesting money in exchange.  Instead, God allowed me in that moment to carry my soul and offer it to him to be replenished.  The birds were the praise team, the waves ministered through dance and the media presented uninterrupted visual imaging while the Almighty God gave the sermon.  In those brief moments, the only person in the congregation was me.  I had a refill encounter, and I’d not known how empty I was.  However, as I stood in the final moments of the personalized sermon being ministered, with God telling me about me, with tears streaming down my eyes, I became incredibly grateful to receive God’s love and finding me despite my emptiness.  As believers actively and willingly filling the needs as Christ directs, we must be in tune to know when we need a refill of our own.

But be prepared.  Refills aren’t provided to remain untapped.  As I began my journey home, God presented opportunities for me to dispense.  Our ministry must be in constant utilization.  God doesn’t provide an encounter without expression.  He will provide opportunity for us to share what He pours inside.  We mustn’t be afraid to ask, “Can I get a refill?” I promise, you’ll be grateful for what you receive in return.

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