But for the “If”

I promise the enemy is out here doing his best to keep the saints from being great as 2017 comes to a close. As if the year wasn’t filled enough with tribulation, here he comes squeezing the last bit of drama he can before confetti is thrown in the air at a Watch Night Service. Fear not, God always brings tidings of great joy. If only we can stop and reflect upon His goodness despite what the enemy seeks permission to employ and deploy. Sometimes that feels easier said than done. The evidence that I am seeing with my eyes presents as being far from the heart of God. If left to my own demise, I would be in trouble. But for the If!

Romans 8:31 affirms, “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?What say you about “these things?” What do “these things” entail for you? Sickness, uncertainty, unemployment, underemployment, finances, children, adult children, children’s children, spouse, professors, landlord, supervisors, coworkers, neighbors, government and even self… I have a word for us. “If!” The word “If” by itself denotes uncertainty, the unknown. However in Romans 8:31, the word “If” is followed by God. That means that even ‘if” we are left with a loss of words for the many situations and events happening around and to us, we can confidently take assurance that we will not be overtaken by these things when God shows up on the scene, or rather, when we recognize that God has shown up, even when its not in the manner we expected.

I have a relative who has been attempting to sell a home for nearly two years. We’ve prayed, fasted, stood on God’s Word and looked for the offer to arrive. We’ve come close to it, but as they say, no cigar. We have wondered and experienced frustration, asking, “What shall we say to all these things?” But guess what, God is for us! If He allowed the home to be purchased nearly 50 years ago, He is the same God who will enable it to be sold 50 years later. And not just to anyone, but to whom He orchestrates to receive the blessing. Perhaps that person is still getting their ducks in a row, and praying for their own “if.” We can take assurance in knowing there is enough God to go around for “all these things.”

So in the last 13 days of 2017, don’t get tripped up into thinking that our God, our great God is unconcerned with “these things.” He knew about them before you did, and yet He allowed them to go forth in the earth. Let’s exercise our faith and trust like never before. Let us give God glory but for the If in our life. He has already promised to be on our side.

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