Bring It!

One of my guilty pleasures is watching “Bring It” on Lifetime.  I’ve always loved dance, and honestly, it is the closest experience to growing up with dance that I can imagine.  I wouldn’t say that we danced completely like them, but in terms of the ethic, the sense of community, the competitions and the synchronicity.  I would suggest that such expectation didn’t relegate itself only to the team I was a part of, but throughout the city of Chicago, when a uniform was pinned to one’s body, you’d better dance as the movie said, “Like your daddy was Joe Jackson!” So, a few weeks ago, when “Bring It” returned to television, I rekindled my affection with the dancing dolls.  No matter how the coach’s mechanisms to enhance the technique of the dancers may differ from what would motivate me, one cannot deny the thread of commitment that runs through the company.  Not only her commitment as director, but the commitment of the dancers, their parents, the judges and the community for support.  Let’s consider the dancers.  They must work practice into their school schedules, their academics, perhaps their other activities, friendships, chores, and maybe even a job.  Commitment requires internal and repetitive drive.  The dedication is to the process and the trust exists concurrently, regardless of the outcome.  One may become motivated to commit further if the outcome is viewed as beneficial – but most times, the outcome is a far off, and the single variable that may solidify commitment is trust – a behavior that is a lot more difficult to come by than another semi-reality show on television.

Trust requires vulnerability, a state of being that is uncomfortable.  Its interesting that the best way that we develop trust is through disappointment.  Its only then that we develop a discipline to place our fragility with our Creator in order to effectively deal and interact with his creation.  For when we’ve been hurt to our core, it is the Lord who meticulously and committedly puts us back together, often piece by peace.  Although we’d rather that he leave us out of the competition, as likened to that of a coach, he seemingly ignores our preference, reminds us of the desired goal and our ability to obtain it, despite the challenge before us.  Even with our tears, our bruises and our brokenness, the Master knows what he put in us, and knows the conditions by which we will succeed, so he leaves us in, with the requirement of depending upon what he deposited in us, and what he withdraws through us to complete the task at hand.

David knew what it meant to engage with disloyal people.  In the 37th number of Psalm, he reminds us to not worry ourselves over those who’ve done us dirty! He brings us to remembrance that it is the Lord who will take care of us amidst those who’ve not dealt fairly with us.  Yet, there is a mutual agreement that is easy to look past if we’re not careful.  We can get so stuck on the fact that God is serving as the ultimate fixer, handling our foes that we forget to consider our responsibility nestled in verse five as a precursor to our win.  Verse five reads, “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.”  Say it isn’t so! You mean God was the originator of “Bring It?!” Indeed he was…and is, but the first step is in our possession and ability.  Not only are we to commit, but we are further instructed to trust in him, before he shall “bring it” to pass.  What is “it?” It is presented in verse four, where the Word of God states “Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”  The desires of “it” will only manifest as we delight ourselves in God; meaning finding satisfaction in him, and not people, places or things.  We develop an appetite for God by recognizing who he is, why he sent his son Jesus to the earth, the sacrifice that was made for us, and through relationship with him, a committed relationship, not one that we change as often as costumes and pageantry.

God wants a total yes! Yesterday while returning from our run, a man stopped in a truck to ask for directions to a men’s clothing store.  We thought it odd, but one of my running sisters, instructed him on where he desired to go.  He drove off, then returned and stated, “I couldn’t help but stop to speak to four beautiful Black women.”  One of my sisters immediately said, “Are you married?” He smiled, and said, “In between!”  He dug himself further and said, “I just need some help!” She responded, “You need to call on Jesus, he is the only one that can help you, now bye!” What a mess! There is a lack of commitment, thereby blocking God from his ability, better still his promise to “Bring It!” Marriage ain’t easy, but trust and believe it won’t get better by attempting to pick up someone in the parking lot adding baggage to your perceived heavy load burden.

Delight precedes our desires, but if we check for verse three, we realize that trust in fact precedes delight, and it follows it again in verse five.  Twice, God is commanding us to place our trust in him! Not only were we created by God, but we sometimes forget that he created everyone else as well; thereby he is admonishing us to trust him because he knows best who and what we are up against.  There is no secret formula.  Its a basic equation that manifests in big results.  Each episode of “Bring It” harbors a “surprise” to attempt to throw others teams off their game, and get bonus points from the judges.  In Christ, that is not necessary.  The open secret occurred at Calvary, and each of us have access to add it to our presentation, as we walk out our discipleship daily.  As we trust God, as we commit ourselves to God, as we share our desires with him, and trust him the more, he will “bring it,” and do it like its never been done before.  He is the one we must allow to choreograph our lives and when we are faced with trouble, allow him to do the stand battle on our behalf.  We don’t have to interrupt, and spend all our effort attempting to use our limited resources to fight the enemy when we opt to follow Exodus 14:13, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.”  We must trust God.  He has been in this business since the beginning of time.  If he said he would “bring it,” we must simple take him at his word.   End of story.  This is the point that I would summation with a death drop!

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