Balloon or Bust?

When I initially moved to the state of North Carolina, I lived on the campus of North Carolina State University (Go Pack!).  I A-woman-releases-a-balloon-into-the-air-during-the-20th-anniversary-of-the-closure-of-the-Omarska-detention-camp-in-Omarska-on-Aug.-6..-Hundreds-of-former-inmates-released-balloons-with-names-of-missing-persons-into-the-air-during-650x433began graduate school and I worked as a Residence Director.  The campus was near Cameron Village, and the grocery store we frequented was Harris Teeter.  My daughter loved going to the store because there were always samples of cookies and fruit available.  Perhaps the best part of the visit was the receipt of a balloon upon exiting the store.  She was super excited, and I gave my typical eye roll.  I knew that like clockwork as we departed the store, inevitably the grip on her balloon would loosen and off it would go into the air. The result would be a disappointed child watching until her balloon disappeared into the massive sky. Yet no matter how often that scenario played itself out, her anticipation and excitement never diminished.  I cannot always say the same for myself.  How about you?

Have you ever experienced a season whereby it seems that you loose your excitement? You know, where you don’t even ask for the balloon because no matter what you do, before you even wrap your hands around the dream it seems to escape? Others around you are contemplating the color, the size, even the shape; perhaps even multiple blessings, and contrarily, you are like the woman in the 15th chapter of Matthew who simply asked for the crumbs.  In the words of Pastor Marvin Sapp, this is not the time nor the place for giving up! The distinction between those of us who standing in the line, waiting and hoping that the balloons and/or the helium lasts until we get to the front and the woman who was bold enough to press to Jesus even though she was not of the ancestry he came to was her faith!

In this season where it feels and may even appear that others around you are in full receipt of the blessings of God, we cannot loose our hope and believe that we are forgotten.  God knows the plans for our lives, those that are peaceful, and not harmful to bring us to an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11).  But how will we know the end, if we don’t anchor ourselves in some foundational aspects at the beginning?  We must cultivate our faith with the Word of God, through relationship with God, through our worship and praise, through prayer and active engagement and excitement.  We’ve got to be like my daughter was as a child, eager to get to the promises of God, despite the fact that they don’t always manifest in the manner that we desire.  God created us and knew us before we were formed (Jeremiah 1:5), so undoubtedly, he knows our dreams, our hopes and our desires. Surely he knows those that should remain in our hands and those that need to be released from our grasp.

In order for balloons to travel in the air, they need elasticity.  The act of stretching the balloon is filling it with potential energy.  Upon release the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and the balloon returns to its original status, although more stretched than the beginning.  There is tension between the air inside the balloon and the air outside of the balloon.  In fact, the internal air has to exert force to the contrary elements of the outside, as well as combat the natural state of the balloon to be inflexible in order for it to remain in flight.  So, I wonder, do we recognize our own potential? Do we understand the need for the Creator to stretch us in places and spaces that often feel uncomfortable? What are we doing to our internal state in order to combat the external elements? If we are not effectively building our inner man, our outer man will be our representative and block us from the things God has purposed for us to receive.  We know that as believers we are in the world not of the world, but unless we fully position ourselves in pursuit of our desires, we will remain grounded – and not in the positive tense.

So your balloon was taken, or popped, or released.  No worries with the God we serve.  Unlike the store, he never runs out, and we mustn’t allow our faith to either.  If we don’t remain hopeful, we certainly cannot expect others to.  We must humble ourselves.  We must return to our child state of being when it comes to faith and believe that simply because we desire something there is room to receive it.  Consider this season as preparation and continue to have faith.  God promises to hold a balloon custom designed for you.

Check out Pastor Sapp and be encouraged:


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