• The God Of A Reprise

    One undeniable fact about me is  that I love music.  More specifically, I love a good song.  Dig a little deeper for a song and you might be blessed to come across one with a reprise.  Now, we’re cooking with gas! I adore a reprise because deeply embedded is the sensation of time standing still […]

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  • The First 90 Days….

    Today is the 91st day of 2014.  Time for a check in? Are you maintaining commitment to your resolutions, or promises to self, or “whatever you call them?” How’s your eating? Have you returned to caffeine? Did you revisit your vision board? Still reading your Bible more frequently? How about the biggie….are you still exercising? […]

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  • These Boots Were Made For…

    This has been an incredible winter in North Carolina.  Its been distinctively different from the past 20 years I’ve called this state my home.  I grew up in Chicago, and was accustomed to harsh winters.  My escape to the southern way of life was a welcomed change from my history.  However, I found the last […]

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  • Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?

    During the 80s, in addition to big hair, asymmetrical clothing and rap, there was a fabulous advertising campaign put out by Memorex.  Sidebar: Cassette tapes came after 8 tracks and before compact discs (for my more contemporary readers…lol).  Okay, we’re back to the future.  The campaign asked the question: Is it live or is it Memorex? […]

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  • Looking For the Perfect Beat People?

    Music for me is transformational and transformative.  It has the ability to move me from one space in time to another.  It has the power to allow me to reflect, and it soothes me in a manner that few other conventions can.  Listening to music is a part of my daily regimen and as I’ve […]

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  • History. Heart. Love.

    Have you ever considered that February comprises a month reflective of Black history, love and heart health, followed by March which recognizes women’s history? I’d never thought about it, but near the end of the month, the Holy Spirit uplifted the connection. Shall we as women, and specifically Black women, honor our history of loving […]

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  • When God Says Shut Up!

    He finally did it! Smack out of nowhere, he did what some around me may consider his best work to date.  He shut my mouth! He, being God allowed a sinus infection to drain into my throat and snatched my voice. So, here I sit, watching The Voice, with no voice! I guess even God Almighty […]

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  • When Did You Become Afraid of the Dark?

    As a child, I insisted that my mom keep the light on in the bathroom, which was near to where I slept.  I was afraid of the dark.  I’m not exactly sure when my fear began.  I believe it must have been after my father passed.  Prior to that time, I would actually sit in […]

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  • Increasing Capacity with a Monkey on my Back

    I went out of the house night before last for the first time in two days.  Happy to report that I wasn’t sick.  Instead, I was still in recovery mode from my four hour drive home (that usually takes 25 minutes) due to inclement weather.  It was straight gridlock all over the city, and when […]

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  • Journey to Love

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I decided to share my journey to love from “Later Never Came Until Now.”  I wish you all the best on yours.  Travel well my friend. Love Ephesians 4:26-27 (New International Version Bible) In your anger do not sin.  Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and […]

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  • A Christmas Tree for Valentine’s Day

    Its mid February 2014 and my neighbor’s Christmas tree still remains at the curb.  The sanitation workers do a drive by every Tuesday.  In the morning I see it at the curb next to the garbage can, and when I return in the evening, the garbage can is either empty or moved next to the […]

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  • Rock Steady Baby!

    Growing up in a family that recites all kinds of phrases was always quite comical and for that matter, often confusing.  I am not certain of what “death looks like riding on a soda cracker,” but I infer that’s it not a look I would want to sport.  “A dead cat on a line” was […]

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About Dr. Helms Pickett

Stephanie Helms Pickett’s life has been reflected by Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that worketh within us.”

Her Name is SHE

Who is SHE? On the outside, she appears to have it all together. She is described as fierce, fabulous and fine. Her timeline on social media sites are filled with accolades by other ‘shes’ affirming and echoing her greatness.

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Through personal narratives of lessons learned from academic disciplines and application through the word of God, the book is organized around theory that comprises each of these schools of thought thus presenting an amazing comparison which is scholarly, scriptural and reflective.

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