• When Did You Become Afraid of the Dark?

    As a child, I insisted that my mom keep the light on in the bathroom, which was near to where I slept.  I was afraid of the dark.  I’m not exactly sure when my fear began.  I believe it must have been after my father passed.  Prior to that time, I would actually sit in […]

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  • Increasing Capacity with a Monkey on my Back

    I went out of the house night before last for the first time in two days.  Happy to report that I wasn’t sick.  Instead, I was still in recovery mode from my four hour drive home (that usually takes 25 minutes) due to inclement weather.  It was straight gridlock all over the city, and when […]

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  • Journey to Love

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I decided to share my journey to love from “Later Never Came Until Now.”  I wish you all the best on yours.  Travel well my friend. Love Ephesians 4:26-27 (New International Version Bible) In your anger do not sin.  Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and […]

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  • A Christmas Tree for Valentine’s Day

    Its mid February 2014 and my neighbor’s Christmas tree still remains at the curb.  The sanitation workers do a drive by every Tuesday.  In the morning I see it at the curb next to the garbage can, and when I return in the evening, the garbage can is either empty or moved next to the […]

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  • Rock Steady Baby!

    Growing up in a family that recites all kinds of phrases was always quite comical and for that matter, often confusing.  I am not certain of what “death looks like riding on a soda cracker,” but I infer that’s it not a look I would want to sport.  “A dead cat on a line” was […]

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  • Take a Knee!

    Over the weekend, the movie, “After Earth” with Will Smith and his son played on the television. (Disclaimer: If you intend to watch this movie, please read this post after as I may spoil some portion for you).  I missed the beginning so as far as I was concerned, there was no need to watch […]

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  • To recover or not to recover? That is not the question.

    We made it! The first month of 2014 is quickly being consumed by the vortex.  How has it been? Are your recommitments flourishing? Healthy lifestyle thriving? Traveling through the Bible progressing? I was feeling pretty good actually, and then the Holy Spirit lightly touched my shoulder and said, “Naw girl!” This was initially aggravated through […]

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  • Cook It Till You Smell It!

    I’ll admit it.  I didn’t learn to cook as I grew up.  Not because my mother wasn’t a magnificent cook, but my neighborhood and my windy city had so many more options that interested me.  When I went away to college, I could scramble eggs, make a mean grilled cheese (government style, of course) and […]

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  • Pressure to Perception

    Happy MLK Day! I’m awake.  I am sold on this being a “day on and not a day off.”  In fact, I have a service project with my sorority later today.  However, that being said, I thought, planned, hoped that I would sleep a little later today since I don’t have to go to work. […]

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  • What are you hearing?

    I grew up during a time when even the walkman was a little pricey for my mother’s wallet.  Thankfully, a few friends in my neighborhood had one, and were happy to share with me and allow me to listen up close and personal to the sounds of Run DMC to ensure that I knew every […]

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  • Undone In The House of the Lord?! Say What?

    It was the 2nd Sunday of 2014, although my routine was quite familiar.  Its the one Sunday out of the month that I am not expected to minister in dance during service.  Instead, its youth Sunday and our youth dancers are to minister.  They range in age 3-18.  They have rehearsed at church (and hopefully […]

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  • Tryin’ To Be That Chick!

    Seven days into 2014 and I found myself at an “I’m Not That Chick” moment.  Yes, for if whenever you make a bold declaration to God about your intent to control your behavior, you can best believe that He will allow an opportunity for you to put into practice what you’ve professed.  With the residue […]

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