• The Layering of God’s Curriculum

    Summer is quickly coming to a close (say it isn’t so!!!!) and as the calendar would have it, the traditional academic year will soon begin.Since I’ve worked in higher education for so long, a significant majority of my friends are educators. One friend in particular, Dr. Shauntae Brown White, is implementing a new syllabus that […]

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  • Jesus, Layaway in Reverse

    Tis the season of preparing for the academic year. Having grown up in Chicago (shout out South Side), we began school, traditionally, the Wednesday after Labor Day. Accordingly, we began in June or early July engaging in the ritual of school shopping. Rarely did my mother have the funds to purchase my school clothes on […]

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  • The Heavy Lifting Occurs Below Deck

    Blame it on being a latch key child in the 70s and 80s, but I enjoy watching television. There, I said it. #dontjudgeme I don’t always engage in my favorite past time during the week, but if my schedule allows, I play catch up during the weekend. I got sucked into a show called “Below […]

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  • It’s Just A Little Wait

    I’m still celebrating my 50th year around the sun, and over the weekend, my college roommate officially joined the club as well. In observance of her big day, we traveled to the Dominican Republic, to love on her and reminisce on our decades of friendship. Little interruptions occurred during the trip, which was eerily surprising. […]

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  • The Residue of My Rivers

    Whenever we think about the consequences of residue, it conjures up imagery that is unpleasant. Perhaps we reflect upon the old adage of, “Have you any rivers, that seem uncrossable?” For the residue emerges from difficult places and spaces that tried us in some capacity. If we are blessed enough to survive, we carry something […]

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  • Ear Hustling For Jesus!

    While surfing the web last evening, I overheard my Mom talking on the phone. She was holding a conversation with my brother, who called to announce that he and my sister-in-law made it safe to their home in Chicago. My family visited me in North Carolina for my birthday (SouthernChi5.0, aye!) and although my Mom […]

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  • Facing Fear Like A 50 Year Old

    It’s my birthday week! Come Friday, I will have lived in this earth for 50 years, God willing and the creek don’t rise. So many thoughts are running through my mind, and perhaps more than anything is the simple fact that God is a keeper! When I recall how my mom cared for me and […]

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  • When God Is Unbothered

    The internet went a buzz a couple of months ago when Gayle King attempted to conduct an interview while the respondent went berserk. She sat looking calm and as if she was thinking, “I wonder if I should have sushi or burgers tonight.” What was most impressive was her ability to remain centered and unresponsive […]

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  • God Got Me Straight With A Whisper

    A few nights ago I awakened in the middle of the night. I wish I could say that this is unusual, however it’s not. I think in response to nearing the mid of my life, one of the biggest interruptions I am experiencing is sleep disruption….but that is for another blog. At any rate, I […]

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  • God Will Bless Your Corner Ministry!

    Listen. I hear it often. I’ll do it when things get better. I’ll do it when I finish school. I’ll do it when I get a new job. I’ll do it when my kids get older. I’ll do it, is typically followed by some reasoning as to why it can’t be done. For some reason, […]

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About Dr. Helms Pickett

Stephanie Helms Pickett’s life has been reflected by Ephesians 3:20, “Now to him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that worketh within us.”

Her Name is SHE

Who is SHE? On the outside, she appears to have it all together. She is described as fierce, fabulous and fine. Her timeline on social media sites are filled with accolades by other ‘shes’ affirming and echoing her greatness.

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Through personal narratives of lessons learned from academic disciplines and application through the word of God, the book is organized around theory that comprises each of these schools of thought thus presenting an amazing comparison which is scholarly, scriptural and reflective.

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