Are you signal impaired?

A few mornings ago, while backing out of the garage, I noticed the satellite radio in my car going through an update process. This happens occasionally, and soon thereafter, I can, as it’s said, “return to my normally scheduled program.” Before I was out of my neighborhood, the preview station, which promotes one to consider purchasing satellite radio was in full effect. I pressed buttons like a toddler, expecting my pre-selected favorites to play, but nothing seemed to work. I called the company to request technical assistance. Supposedly, a refresh signal was sent to my vehicle, but it failed. By the time I arrived at work, I made a mental note to contact the company again about my issue when I reached my desk. By the afternoon, I’d been so busy, that when I got in my car, I remembered while the preview station played, that the system was still not operating properly. I called again and was told the refresh signal had been sent. It didn’t work. After I got out of class at 10pm, I called again, a refresh was sent, and it failed. The employee at the company told me, “Ma’am, you’ve exceeded your refresh signals for the day. It should be working by the morning.” Frustrated was I, but I complied with the directions given.

The following morning, while backing out of the garage, I turned the radio on only to find it still not working. I called again and shared my concern. The employee asked, “Ma’am, are you in an open space?” I replied, “Yes.” He went on. “Are you in a location whereby you are blocked by buildings or trees?” I replied, “No.” He asked, “Are you driving?” I replied, “Yes.” I wondered why this question. Over the last 24 hours, no one asked that question. Was that an expectation? After all, other times when I’ve needed a refresh, it was accomplished with me driving. He added, “Ma’am, please get to a safe location so that the vehicle is still while I send the refresh signal. So, I complied. After all, I had nothing left to loose, except my frustration. I informed the employee when I pulled over into a parking lot. His response, “Great! Now, I want you to disconnect your blue tooth, and turn the radio off while I send the refresh. Wait about 10 seconds, and turn it back on.” I complied. It worked! I couldn’t believe it! I thanked him, accepted his well wishes for a good day and continued on my drive to work. Upon arriving at work, I got this….

Sometimes we desire something so deeply that we miss putting ourselves in formation to receive. I was busy. Busy driving, busy attempting to resolve, busy at work, busy complaining. The signal was going forth, specifically a refresh, what I stood in need of, and yet, I was unable to receive because I failed to be still. How often might God have need of us, and we compromise his intent because we do not place ourselves in a location that requires us to be immobile? The Word of the Lord declares, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). “Fear not, stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord” (Exodus 14:13). “He spoke with a still small voice” (I Kings 19:12). “He leads me besides still waters” (Psalm 23:2). Certainly there are times that we are to move in Christ. But movement is always predicated on stillness.

Are you in a constant state of moving? Is it the expectation of the Lord or is it the implementation of you? We must seek God and seek his signaling in our lives. Yes, we have been called to do great and mighty works in Him. But every now and again, we stand in need of a refresh. Let us remember to position ourselves accordingly to receive. I can’t lie, I’m happy to return to the world of satellite radio, but I am more grateful that God’s connection is never impeded by updates in our lives. In fact, just as the system, he specializes in what we stand in need of and refreshes accordingly. He is not obstructed by our obstacles, nor impacted by our incidents. He remains accessible – just as sure as the resourcefulness of a battery operated radio during our most difficult storms of life. Just as we signal him when in distress, we mustn’t forget to appropriately reciprocate by answering his signal as well, through listening prayer, reading his Word, and seeking his wisdom.

The cost associated with our connectivity was paid at Calvary. Thankfully, we cannot exceed our refresh signals from the Creator, but we can while busy, miss out on receiving what he intended for us. Grown ups used to say, “Go somewhere and sit down!” It was typically in response to a child’s constant state of activity. God desires to give us what we need. What if God got tired of sending signals to us? In order for us to receive, we must, “go somewhere and sit down,” just as I did in my car. As is said in radio culture, “10-4?”

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