Are you playing hype man for the enemy?

I attended college in the late 80s and early 90s.  I loved everything about the music of my life during that time.  I was always especially intrigued by the hype man.  It was an incredible job right? Singing nor rhyming skills weren’t necessary.  For that matter, dancing was not a requirement either (although if it existed, it was even more amazing).  Yet, it was critically important to have energy to sustain an entire set, be able to jump and down, be loud on the mic and move the crowd.  Once you consider each of these aspects in a collective manner, the requirement is so much greater than “somebody, anybody, everybody, SCREAM!” The hype man creates response.  Think about that.  Response is a precursor for action.  So, I ask, since when did you become dope at playing hype man (woman) for the enemy?

Strange, but true.  For each time we proclaim the history of the enemy, we denounce the future of God.  We are only one month into 2016, and I wonder how much time we have established in discussing the goodness of God rather than the tricks of the enemy.  I’ve personally experienced prayer circles whereby the prayer leader is reciting, “Jesus you’re wonderful, you’re glorious, you’re magnificent, you’re beautiful,” and the response is nearly reckoned to that of my response to the start of the Lawrence Welk Show when I was a child, quiet, and hopefully over soon; but let the same said prayer leader morph into, “We bind the enemy, enemy you can’t have my stuff, and you are defeated,” and the circle swells with loud voices, tongues, screams and response reckoned to that of the SuperBowl (#keeppounding…couldn’t help it).  The Word of God tells us in Proverbs 18:10 that “The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Therefore, when we call on the name of Jesus, we have spoken all we stand in need of. I am not suggesting that we do not remind the enemy that he is not in control, but our voices shouldn’t ring louder about him as compared to the I AM.

If in fact action follows response, then if we lift up the enemy, even in our prayers, our thoughts will meander in his direction.  We can therefore experience defeat all while we believe we are experiencing victory.  We are hyping him up to put on a marvelous display of mess, and we are encouraging his trickery in the audience of our lives, so to speak.  The enemy has enough in the earth to uplift him, so much so that our help is not needed! If we are to play hype man to anyone, let it be to God.  He’s never left me! He’s a keeper! He’s full of truth! Full of love! He’s my laughter, my joy, my friend, my father! He’s my healer, my deliverer, my peace! Can I get an AMEN?! As I proselytize who He is, I stand in expectation of what He will do.  His works are far greater than those of satan, but often get less attention.  In 2016, how might we spend more time sharing our testimony, rather than our test? There is a distinction in alignment between the two.  One is #teamGod, and the other, #teamnoneedtomention! The Word of God tells us in Proverbs 18:21 that “life and death is in the power of our tongue.”  We must be ever careful and cautious to what we say! When we have opportunity to get on the mic, let it be purposeful, proclaiming that our God is greater than anything and anyone we come up against.  Don’t be hype man for the enemy, and don’t believe the hype that he offers.  Each time we express, articulate and confusedly profess his tactics more than we express, articulate and faithfully profess God’s promises we ensure that the enemy books another gig in someone’s life, or a repeat performance in our own.

Let’s agree to make 2016 different.  Let’s make some new music! I heard a sermon most recently that declared January as a trial run, and that our new year can begin again, February 1st.  The same is true in God, for each time we repent, we are afforded new beginnings.  With that in mind, in the words of a pretty good hype man, “Y’all know what time it is!” Give glory to God…and no one else! Yeah boyyyy!

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