And Now We Go!

During fall 2015, I was blessed to travel abroad for a work conference in Barcelona.  While visiting, I elected to take an excursion, a bike tour of the city, with a sister friend who traveled with me.  I’d not rode a bike in 20 years; unless you consider the stationery bike in the gym, which well, doesn’t truly count.  I was nervous.  Although the saying goes, “It’s like riding a bike,” referencing that we never forget, whoever said that can go and kick rocks! Although I may not have forgotten, I didn’t ride anywhere near to the way I did as a child from 78th and Cregier to the Lakefront.  It was hard, and all I could think was why in the world I allowed my sister friend to talk me into a bike tour with a timeframe of that of the S.S. MINNOW from Gilligan’s Island, a “three hour tour!” We had an amazing tour guide named, “Andrew,” who captured our attention and awakened our minds as he expressed the historical framework of Barcelona.  Perhaps even more memorable about Andrew, was his famous statement and action that followed.  When he finished telling us about a historic site, he would hop on his bike and say, “And now we go!” And go he did! Before I could gather my feet to align themselves to be in a position to peddle, he was many miles away (okay, maybe feet, but it felt like miles) and gone! Two weeks into the new year, we mustn’t get stuck in peddle position.  Instead, we must go!

Go despite what we see, go despite what we hear, and more specifically, go despite what we feel! If you are like me, you may have prayed and are standing upon the promises of God for “the greater” in 2016.  I am believing God, and yet God has sent forth a few key indicators to perhaps make me question said declarations.  When we engage God in our desires, he may hear our petitions, and grant them, however that doesn’t mean that they won’t manifest without a cost.  In the 14th chapter of Exodus, Moses laid out his plea to the Lord, referencing the Israelites and their lingering cry for the life they were in the process of being delivered from in Egypt.  While in Egypt, they longed for deliverance, and upon deliverance, they longed for the life they left behind.  Why? Because it was uncomfortable.  In the chapter,  “God said to Moses: “Why cry out to me? Speak to the Israelites. Order them to get moving.” God had a plan all along to ensure their safe passage away from Pharoah’s rule, and yet concurrently, he hardened Pharaoh’s heart and allowed him to continue to pursue the the chosen people.  In our contemporary times, we must continue moving, even when it feels as though our plans, our desires, our hopes and even our declarations are subject to false imprisonment steps away from our present state of being.

Two weeks in, and what might you need to release? I know, you released it at the stroke of midnight at the watch night service, or its on a vision board prominently in your War Room, or you left it at the altar on the first Sunday in January.  Well, now since that’s over, what are you waiting for?!  In the words of Andrew, “And now we go!” We go forth quickly in pursuing our passion(s).  We do so with full knowledge that God desires the best for us, and as we delight ourselves in him, he will give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4).  Just as I had to psych myself out to reconnect with that little girl riding her bike to the lakefront, so must we psych ourselves out to move forward.  Might you skin your knee? Might your chain collapse? Might your tire flatten and need air? Yes, to all of the above.  Yet, just like when I was a child, getting to the lakefront was always worth the trip – just as obtaining a desire is.   Our life purpose was set in motion in our body, mind, spirit and soul before we even entered the world.  Speak to it and remind it when you bump into doubt, “It’s just like riding a bike,” and what was established in our very being, before we were born cannot forget and will manifest! Tell your tired body, your worried mind, your overwhelmed spirit and weary soul, “And now we go” and do! See one of my favorite pics from the trip on our bike tour!

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