An Insta Story Jesus Is Not!

Twenty one days into 2019 and folks out here treating a relationship with Jesus like an Insta Story…it disappears in 24 hours or less. We’ve got to do better Saints! Being a believer is not always easy – but it’s so worth it. The enemy is out here doing his level best to jack up the promises of God and if we don’t desire to ride on Lucifer’s team, it’s high time that we check our algorithm to ensure that he doesn’t get confused with our intentions. Most recently I was engaged in a conversation with one of my sisterfriends, discussing the trickery of the enemy to pull us away from ministry as he attempts to establish challenges in our lives. Accordingly, he convinces us that attendance at church, or participation in ministry is too much, and as such, stepping back to “manage” or “align” the coordinates of our lives is a better and more fruitful use of our time. What a lier he is! In the time of tribulation, the Word of God says in Psalm 27:5: “For in the day of trouble He will keep me safe in His dwelling; He will hide me in the shelter of His sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.” Check it again! The Word doesn’t tell us to hide in Satan. Yet, we opt out and treat God in an optional manner all while expecting mandatory blessings.

When we endeavor to have a lasting relationship with Christ, we can anticipate difficulty to emerge. Yet, it is critical that we spend less energy focusing on the obstacles, and more on the victor. I have nearly 50 years on this earth and to be sure, there were (and will be) many experiences that I would rather not have thrusted upon me, but through it all, God has remained faithful. I have worked, danced and written through heartache, sickness, disease, grief, brokenness, disappointment, despair, failure and fear. There is no scripture that supports the elimination of difficulty in life – but there is a plethora of scripture that supports victory despite the trouble. In fact, God does His best work in what appears to us as dire circumstances.

Even when we treat Him like an Insta Story, He continues to show himself as a constant lover of our soul! The salvation of Christ was not conditional, and even when we treat his passion for us as that of a fleeting social media post, He remains there at the door of our heart, knocking, liking our lives as opposed to a moment in our existence. God has set us up, He has established us in this season, in this year. Our relationship status needn’t be complicated, nonexistent or secretive. Let us not make a mockery of His investment by failing to boo up with Christ as He loves on us – all of us – the parts striving to be better and the parts that come up short. May we at minimum make the attempt, for more than 24 hours.

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