Abideth Not In Goshen

Happy Resurrection y’all! I pray that you had a beautiful encounter with Christ and was reminded of His obedience until death. Only He could do it and I’m mighty glad about it. The Holy Spirit blessed me so with “Except for Goshen” such to the extent that the download didn’t cease. While I was shouting over the magnanimous power of God, I was reminded that God never intended for the people to abide in Goshen. Goshen served as protection from the plagues that God sent to the Egyptians as a result of Pharaoh’s stubbornness and unwillingness to grant freedom to God’s chosen people. In all of God’s grandeur, He established a clear distinction between what the people of Israel experienced in comparison to the Egyptians. Often in life, God places a hedge of protection around us and insulates us from what happens in our vicinity. Yet, like the Israelites, God doesn’t necessarily intend for us to remain in the place whereby He provides temporary shelter. Say what?!

God always desired for His people to worship Him (Exodus 8:1) and not in the place where He was harboring them. The safety sought in Goshen was a transitional space during the transactional exchange between Moses and Pharaoh. If God intended for His people to worship Him only in Goshen and remain, there would have been no need for God to have sent Moses to speak with Pharaoh. God could have had His people to worship Him in the sacred space of Goshen while He continued to disrupt the lives of the Egyptians. This is a critical lesson to us as believers, so that we may not get so comfortable in a place that was never meant to be permanent. The blessings of God were not limited to Goshen, and the same applies to us today. Whatever God has for each of us is beyond temporary. Goshen represents provisional, but what is post Goshen is providential.

What would have happened if the people of Israel protested and elected to remain in Goshen?
I shutter to consider the reality. Yet, how often do we assume permanency in exchange for the temporary? The promises of God were not for Goshen; Goshen was not the final destination. As followers of Christ, we must avail ourselves to the hand of God, following His prompting, not to establish residence for places He deems brief visitation. Goshen was used to facilitate a new habitation. In our walk with Christ, we mustn’t be afraid of what He has meticulously planned on our behalf because we feel comfortable in where we are. This Christian walk requires faith, but perhaps more importantly, may we relish in the simple fact that God knows beyond Goshen. We must be grateful for our Goshen moments while simultaneously believing God for what is to come that is prepared, cultivated and sculpted just for us. I’m grateful for Goshen, but it is not where I shall abide. Neither shall you.

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