A Bird’s Nest Built On The Ground

My family has tons of statements prepped and ready to be offered at any time for any situation.  One of my favorites has always been, “You want a bird’s nest built on the ground.” I won’t go into the particulars of the story that prompted this statement, but it remains memorable.  I didn’t quite understand it until I grew up, but now I’ve finally gotten it; and yet even though it seems appealing, I’ll pass on this showcase Bob (can’t get use to Drew even after all this time).

A bird’s nest built on the ground refers to having everything given to one easily, with little to no effort.  As believers of Christ, I would say that we are often guilty as charged.  After all, didn’t Jesus’ suffering on the cross on our behalf entitle us to a few benefits, including a bird’s nest? The answer is yes, and we also know that to reign with him, we must also suffer with him (2 Timothy 2:12). Sometimes we are working to build our bird’s nest in the sky, and other times, it feels like we don’t even have a stick to start.  Isn’t it just like God however to remind us that he is in control and just as he has promised to take care of the birds of the air (Matthew 6:26), he has further promised to take care of us because we are more valuable?

We are ever on the mind of Christ, and accordingly, the expectation is to have a reciprocal thought process.  We must maintain our faith in God – not self – for this thing called life.  The promises of God are for the people of God.  Being in his posse gets rough, but the rewards outweigh the tribulations.  Our trials are small (or sometimes large) indicators of God’s faith in us.  He never slumbers nor sleeps and is always on his grind.  If God purposed whatever we are experiencing from when we were in our mother’s wounds, he knew we had what it takes to fly, and not only fly, but to soar.

Just like a bird’s nest built on the ground, things coming easy to us make us vulnerable for loss.  However, when we play a role in the building, in the secret place of God, what is visible in the end, while desirable by others will be untouchable, and inevitably cherished by us because of the work that went into it.  Depending upon how much you sing your troubles, it is quite possible to build without putting everyone on notice.  For example, we typically have a bird’s nest at our home each spring in one of our hanging baskets on the porch.  We never see the bird(s) during the building, we just see the finished result; a few tiny eggs.  There are even times when the nest is empty, and we missed the eggs, the hatching, feedings and departures.  When God is building you or a product of you, its critical to work without the influence or sometimes in the line of sight of others.  Let folk relish in the finished product – otherwise, they will interrupt your flow and your intended and determined destiny.  There are enough branches for everyone to build their own nest.  And a nest that is built upon a strong foundation will endure (Matthew 7:24-25).  Tweet that!

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