In the words of Mufasa, “It is time!” What have you put off? What have you declared later over? Whatever it is, dust it off, face up to it and finish. No more excuses. No more antics of avoidance. God is speaking loud and clear through the date we’ve been afforded, 7.17.17! Many of you are familiar with the Biblical expression of 7 being the number of completion. Well, through our calendar, we can take assurance in the clarity of a thing through the utility of three seven’s. Biblically, we are first exposed to the number 7 in the first chapter of Genesis, where we find God resting on the seventh day after completing Creation. There is great transparentcy in that demonstration. He rested after He worked. Where did we get the memo that we are to stop in advance of completion?

I was speaking recently with a doctoral student that I support. She received feedback on her prospectus, actually feedback for the first time as opposed to me. The feedback was comprehensive and critical, but doable. Immediately, she was frustrated. I understood. I reached out to her. I provided assurance. I requested to speak with her on our video conferencing line. The person who provided the feedback extended the same invitation. Weeks later and the learner continues to be down. She has expressed feeling like a failure. She has stated that she will likely not finish. She shared that too many life issues have gotten in the way of her completion. She has spent two years worth of funding to get to a place of deciding not to finish! It blew my mind! She professes to be a believer. Yet apparently, not enough to do her part to enable God to complete it.

Concurrently, I worked with another learner. Over the last two years, she has spent an intentional amount of time, daily, writing. She completed her prospectus, following critical feedback that required a great deal of work. Her methodologist changed, and she had to redo the prospectus according to the feedback of her new assignment. She completed her proposal, but was told that she needed to field test her questions to be used. She found an expert panel to provide feedback. She was required to make her study more robust. She completed the study, wrote the dissertation and passed her doctoral defense. She was required to make changes, which she willingly did. However, when her document went forward for review, she was told that she needed to alter the type of study. This was at what’s called a final review, implying that it went through many stages, and that problems or concerns should have been identified early on. When I had to deliver the news to her, I was heartbroken. She was as well. However, the next day, she’d come to a resolve and shared her plan for addressing the concerns. She wrote to me: “This is something only God can handle, but I’m confident He will. I haven’t got this far by myself and I don’t suspect that He will fail me now. Dr Pickett everything I have accomplished in my life I had to fight for it, with God leading the way. There is not one thing that was ever given to me, that is how I have become resilient. God is bigger and stronger than this, it’s already done!” When I tell you how I shouted after reading her response! She desires completion. She is moving toward completion and God will complete it!

That’s the difference in the scenarios. Both were given the same portion, but one is working toward completion, and one is stagnant. God has given us the resources through people, places and things, but He will not operate while we check out. Certainly we are to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord (Exodus 14:13), but that only materialized because the people of Israel moved. They didn’t remain in Egypt (although many wanted to). They had to keep going, amidst the destruction, amidst the fear, amidst the uncertainty. God completed their deliverance, because they took the ownership to move toward completion.

What needs to be finished? Call it out! What scares you? Your own greatness? Whatever God has on your heart, don’t allow fear to drive it out. Set it before Him. Ask Him to set a fire in you to be actively engaged in finishing. As my grandmother would say, “Time is not long as it has been.” Romans 8:9 declares, “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” Someone is awaiting their miracle based upon your completion. Don’t leave them hanging. Git er’ done!


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