2019: The Year of the Shoulder Shrug

And here y’all out here thinking Jay-Z did it first. Check your Bible! In Luke 9, Jesus was schooling the disciples about ministry. He reminded them that they had power over demons, that they had the authority to cure illness, that they didn’t need gadgets, because they were the gift and finally if they were not welcomed anywhere, to not make a big deal of it and instead, “shrug your shoulders and move on.” Wow. You suppose Jesus knew that sometimes folk just would not ride with you? Of course He did, so He provided sound instruction on how to respond. Even still, it ain’t always easy.

It has been said that humor stems from the resemblance of truth. I’ve seen several folks in my social media circle post about January being hard and that their 2019 actually began in February. Hey, whatever works man. In all seriousness though, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ole boy living in Hotworld will not let up, not even in honor and respect of a new year. As such, we’ve got to master the advice of Jesus and that is to “shrug your shoulders and move on.” Everyone is not ready for your greatness. Everyone is not worthy of the weight of your glory. Everyone is not supportive of your gifts. Everyone is not connected to your God. As opposed to spending our energy on trying to figure out something or someone that was never designed to make sense, we’d be better served to continue on the path of ministry that has been ordained by the Creator.

So what might that look like? It doesn’t have to involve returning insensitivity with nasty, but instead a staunch refusal to pay it any attention. As a child, when another child shrugged her shoulders, it signaled, that she really didn’t care and that whatever she was being asked did not alter the present state of her world. I just believe that we are in a season whereby we need to follow such prescription. As my mother says, “One monkey don’t stop no show, and it takes a good one to slow it down!” We’ve got too much Kingdom work to do to be messing around with monkey business. There is too much need for what God has purposed you for to be worried about the worry of others. Now gone shrug your shoulders! We’ve got work to do!

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